Thursday, July 1, 2010

a day filled with red and white!!!

canadaday flag_canadian_maple_leaf

Happy 143rd birthday Canada!!!..and thanks for the day off today!!..If only the sun was was a cloudy day but we still managed to get out and enjoy the Canada celebrations in our neighbourhood.

Our agenda was full today..full of golden fun!!..Doug met Ed, Judy and “Emmie” at Mundy Park..and then we all went out for breakfast to the Dutch Panekoek House. 

In the afternoon we went to Rocky Point Park and the Golden Spike Days celebration.  It was very busy considering the fact that the weather was not co-operating..cloudy and the rain was spitting just a bit..

IMG_1026 IMG_1011

IMG_1016 IMG_1010

There was so many ‘goldens’ out enjoying Canada Day..Tucker and Emmie were in great company today…

IMG_1015 IMG_1018

IMG_1014 IMG_1017

Heron and a Canada token bird pictures!

IMG_1020   IMG_1023

Please can we have some ‘ICE CREAM’..’WE HAVE BEEN GOOD!! ..(Just in case you are wondering the blurry part on Tucker’s nose is a rain drop on the lense..geez!!!!!..darn west coast summer!!!)



Our next stop on our Canada Day adventure was Lafarge Lake..right across the street from our condo…all celebrations and there is one right in our worries about where to park..just a quick stroll across the street..lots of people and exhibits..there is fireworks later on tonight so we will try and take some photos

IMG_1029 IMG_1033 IMG_1031 

We had a lovely afternoon, spent exploring our own neighbourhood..Happy Birthday Canada !!!..there may be more photos later if they are blog worthy???

It is now later..we are home finally after watching a steel drum band and other entertainment …’the light up the night show’ was a short lived white balloon over the lake..some dancers on a stage with dry ice…we left after waiting over an hour for the ‘fireworks’ to start….the fireworks have just gone off..sounded like a whole box exploding all at once!!..we are disappointed we did not stand and wait but happy still to be at home again..It has been a very long Canada Day..but one well spent!!



IMG_1061 IMG_1069

IMG_1075 IMG_1074

IMG_1078 65

I wish I could say that I caught the last picture but it is a big NO..took it off the internet..can’t have Canada Day with at least one photo of fireworks!!


  1. Happy Canada Day!!! Hope you guys have a great weekend!! :)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. I didn't know about Canada Day! Thanks for sharing. Hey Doug, I dare you to let Sue drive you somewhere tomorrow while you sit in the passenger seat with your tootsies on the dash ;)


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