Saturday, July 31, 2010

kicking some tires!!


Since we are RV less for the next few years..our favourite thing to do is ‘kicking some tires'’..diesel, gas, gas pusher, 35 feet 38 feet 40 feet??? rambler…just to name a many to choose from!!..























how can you decide?? slide , two slides, big ass slide..opposing slides..cocktail tables..four door fridges..king beds?..queen beds?..fireplace..dishwasher..towing capacity..washer/dryer..satellite dish..power awnings..

look at this little beauty..born in 1966..its younger than me..just needs a maintenance day and she will be as good as new!!

My head may explode before this decision is made???..good thing we have lots of time to choose…we were given the advice to go and look at brand new…they will be the ones on the used market when we are ready…and much cheaper  than purchasing NEW!!!

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we feel that this was some great advice…and we are gonna go with that and ‘kick some tires”

you know of course..this is all in good fun..since Winnebago has been around since 1966, this might be a good place to start..we could afford one of these old beauties!!











 Jeep wave stats today..two out of nine..number 6 looked at us and had this dumbfounded look on his face because we waved..”do I know you??'”

a new addition to my post…Bayfield Bunch has a ‘groaner’ at the end of his post..I am going to have…

my quote of the day..

No one, Eleanor Roosevelt said, can make you feel inferior without your consent. Never give it.

- Marian Wright Edelman


  1. Thanks for the blog comments lately and good luck with your RV search, we too are RV less right now and our heads hurt from looking!

  2. Looks like you folks have at least got your search narrowed down to a Motor Home. We had to blow out a lot of time & money on 2 Class C's, 1 Travel Trailer & 1 5th Wheel before we realized a Motor Home was the right RV for us. We didn't agonize too much on all the things we wanted in a Motor Home because we knew we couldn't afford all that anyway, We have been very pleased with our simple 2003 Damon Challenger 33 foot Workhorse gasser with 2 slides. Would we like a bigger 40 foot diesel banger with all the bells & whistles....sure we would but we have to be practical. Darn!!!!

  3. Plus, in one of those huge ones, you can't fit into lots of state parks, and IMO, those have the best scenery!

    Oh, and before I forget, if you keep feeding Doug healthy food, you'll have to change the name of your blog to "Little Dawg..." LMBO!

  4. P.S. Glad to see you read Nie Nie too!

  5. Some of those old Winnies are still on the road giving their owners a lot of fun. I think the first process is deciding what kind of full timing you are going to do-travel regularly, spend longer periods in just a few places. or something in between.

    We went with the motorhome because we like to be on the move.

    We have a diesel pusher, but sometimes a smaller one would have come in handy. More is not always better. The more gadgets you have the more systems that can fail-usually at the most inconvenient time.

    Enjoy the search.

  6. Have fun kicking those tires!! You know that can be a ton of fun. :-)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  7. A lot of great pictures of some great old workhorses tonight!!

  8. hey everyone..thanks for the comments..and yes some of those old 'beauties ' are still out on the road..kicking tires is always fun..dreams never die just the dreamer!
    and matter how I don't feed the 'bigdawg'..he will always be the the bigdawg!..what does LMBO stand for???

  9. Those were great pics of the ancient ones. Nice job on the collage. Haven't mastered that one yet.

    LMBO: laughing my butt off (I think anyway)

  10. Good post today, and thought-provoking. Have you owned or driven any kind of RV in the past?

    We started in 1990 with a 26-foot Class C Fleetwood Jamboree, then in 2000, we bought a 32-foot Fleetwood Bounder (first year they came out with two slides), and last year we bought a 2010 36-foot Fleetwood Bounder. We like motorhomes and we like gas Bounders!

    Our current Bounder is perfect for us, but if we were full-timers we might have chosen differently. You will figure it out and have fun doing so!

  11. I guess we are in the minority with a 5er but that was what we could not afford at the time , but it is paid for along with the truck, so when the house sells we will be bill free, also Sam has it down to about 15 minutes to unhook and get all leveled up thanks to cordless drills to motorize the rear supports, and he has a folding cover for the long bed that gives us dry storage when the trailer is detached, it works for us, I guess a motorhome has it's advantages, but I would still need another vehicle then as a toad, so we had transportation when parked for other than one night. The old saying differant strokes for differant folks. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  12. We are in the same shoes as you guys and are doing the same on looking at the new so when its time we can buy it used.

    We like the Montana 3750FL it just came out in 2010.

  13. We see some real vintage stuff on the road...Sometimes you can get too big..It depends on how long of a motorhome or fiver you feel comfortable driving...I refuse to drive...I would kill us all!

  14. My first MH looked alot like those you pictured, it was a 1973 Travel Mate 21' Class A, which I bought in 1993. Had lots of fun with it but it needed constant repairs, it became a part time job.

    But those old ones sure are pretty. Good luck in your tire kicking. Think 2 feet bigger than you think you'l need and you'll not be sorry.

    Thanks for visiting our blog, too!


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