Thursday, July 22, 2010

round about Thursday!

Our morning started off we me sleeping in and Doug taking a lonely stroll on the beach..he had the camera for company…

IMG_1643 IMG_1648

IMG_1652 IMG_1654

IMG_1655 IMG_1663

IMG_1660 IMG_1671

As you can tell we both miss ‘tucker’..this ‘golden girl’..her name is Masie..she is 7 years old and a cancer very large tumor removed..lucky golden!!

After Doug returned from his walk we decided to for go the continental breakfast offered at the hotel and we headed to the ‘pig n pancake’ for some real eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and pancakes.

We were at a loss of what to do today and where to go with the help of ‘lola’..our Nav system..we went to the Drift Creek Bridge, just off of highway 18.

IMG_1681 IMG_1686

IMG_1675 IMG_1674

next stop is one that Doug has wanted to do since we got here?? the Jeep on the beach and take some pictures….mission accomplished.

IMG_1688 IMG_1703

IMG_1707 IMG_1699


our next adventure??..heading to the town of Kernville and Siletz River..we headed south again along highway 101 and took the highway 229 turnoff…we drove and drove and drove some pictures were taken..I kept thinking there would be another photo op around the next corner…the town of Siletz River is so small..don’t blink you might miss it..we continued heading east along highway 229 and we wound up just south of Newport..a repeat of yesterday??..


We stopped at Devil’s Punchbowl …well worth the drive in a round about way…

IMG_1738 IMG_1723

IMG_1714 IMG_1728

IMG_1735 IMG_1721

we spent the afternoon on the beach..watching the waves and the kids playing..a nice way to end our last full day on the Oregon coast.

IMG_1740 IMG_1742

IMG_1741 IMG_1745

our last dinner tonight was at the Roadhouse 101..

IMG_1758 IMG_1752

IMG_1754 IMG_1751

we both had salad and a pulled pork sandwich…this restaurant is one of those kinds where you throw your peanut shells on the floor?? tacked to the ceiling..worth a stop if you are ever in LIncoln City.

We went for an evening stroll on the beach…into the wind…at least when we turned around we had the wind pushing us as we just finished watching our last sun go down..we are heading home tomorrow…more on the journey home later….

IMG_1761 IMG_1762

IMG_1766 IMG_1774

so long Oregon coast..till next time….


  1. Sue, it looks like you missed a beautiful time on the beach this morning with Doug. You guys have had a grand time on the Oregon coast and have some great pics and memories to take home with you.
    I bet it was neat driving the jeep on the beach!!
    You guys take care and be safe.

    Mike & Gerri

  2. Loved the parks you visited there on the coast. Oregon's coast has so much to offer the visitor that sometimes goes forgotten. Thanks for sharing all of the pics with us. Jeeps and beaches were made for each other!

  3. Another great day of photos - those sunsets are spectacular! Glad you got to run your Jeep on the beach for a bit too.


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