Wednesday, July 21, 2010

..Tillamook continued..the three capes ..

Once we were done at the cheese factory..we were full from our ice cream and cheese sampling…We decided to head south again but this time we took the ‘three capes scenic route’..not a disappointment that is for sure…our first stop was Cape Meares..

IMG_1444 IMG_1427

IMG_1429 IMG_1436

IMG_1437 IMG_1439

IMG_1446 IMG_1443

we hiked up the hill towards the ‘Octopus Tree’

IMG_1450 IMG_1447

IMG_1452 IMG_1463

our next stop was the town of Oceanside…we stopped here for a drink and a picnic snack..we carried the chairs down to the beach and we sat for a bit..

IMG_1464 IMG_1466

the homes on the hillside ..another million dollar view!!

IMG_1467 IMG_1468

Otis’s cousin came to visit and see if we had anything ‘good’ we were willing to share?

IMG_1465 IMG_1469

after lunch we carried on our way to the next ‘Cape stop’..but first there was  a deceleration point once again…


next ‘cape stop’ after encountering some ‘road work’..seems to be the theme of the day matter which road we travel …there are those smiling men in their fancy orange vests slowing us down!!

Cape Lookout State Park

IMG_1473 IMG_1471

IMG_1472 IMG_1475

we left our second ‘cape’ stop and headed out on the road again..climbing up to a beautiful view point. “anderson’s view point”..we feel that these are the pictures of the day!!!

IMG_1479 IMG_1476

IMG_1477 IMG_1482


a man who knew no fear!!!

our next spot we found after the sign on the road said..’watch for blowing sand?’..what the heck?.. we thought we were at the Oregon Dunes??..nope just a spot called Sand Lake??..I had taken a picture of the sign but it was impossible to read…

IMG_1485 IMG_1486  IMG_1487 IMG_1484

last cape stop..was Cape Kiwanda at Pacific City..trucks on the beach!!..what fun!!!

IMG_1493 IMG_1491

IMG_1490 IMG_1494


those are people on the sand hill..sliding down..skiing on sand ???..we headed home after this last stop…back onto Highway 101 and we returned to the hotel after our Mexican dinner…no sunset tonight..just overcast…lots of big waves..we had a great day today!!!…LOVE THE ROAD YOU ARE ON!!..THAT, WE DID!!!

IMG_1497 IMG_1498

Tomorrow we are heading south..Newport and Depoe Bay are on the agenda!!..stay tuned

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  1. thanks for the tour of the 3 capes, thy were beautiful I especially liked the pic of the beaches and the tremendous boulder in the ocean.
    I also really enjoyed Cape Lookout State Park. It lookrd so peaceful adn sirene.
    Take care and be safe.
    Mike & Gerri


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