Saturday, July 17, 2010

up and atter!!!


Our morning started early…tons of stuff to do today..but we started it off we a nice stroll through Mundy Park..Emmie and Tucker had a great time romping through the forest..around the stumps..through the puddles today..all dried up.but fun still the same..lots of smells and fun stuff to eat!!..rotting carcasses etc..(that would be Emmie doing that)..not Tucker ...he is too busy running and greeting all who come along the trail!!!..everyone is Tuckr’s friend!..even the ladies dressed in white??


P7178784 P7178774

P7178773 P7178788



Tucker and Emmie perched on the stump!!.in all their muddy glory!!!


Tucker said he couldn’t read..our dog the rebel..;breaking the rules!!!..into the lake he went..looks almost like the infamous ‘OGOPOGO’  of Okanagan Lake!!!

P7178791 P7178792

after the stroll through the park..we headed back home for our usual Saturday  morning on the sundeck..had our breakfast..and then it was off to Langley to pick up some seat covers for ‘Freeway’..we ordered them two weeks ago and they arrived just in time!!


This afternoon is filled with banking, ironing,  household duties..packing..organizing…washing ‘Freeway’.....etc.etc…I am getting tired already...we are dropping Tucker off at Uptown Daycare..he is going on vacation from us!!!..lucky him..

Oh and then there is a dentist appointment for me this afternoon..a few groceries for our steak dinner..maybe time for a happy hour?? bed early tonight..we are hitting the road in the morning..heading south into the land of red, white and blue .. ... Lincoln City, Oregon..!!!..five days  of sun , sand and surf!!

Stay tuned …there will be MUCH MORE  from Bigdawg and Freeway!!!


  1. What fun Tucker and Emmie had at Mundy Park!! They wear their fun well.
    You guys have fun and travel safely as you journey into Oregon. :)
    Looking forward to a report complete with pics!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. I loved your photos. Have a wonderful vacation. I'll be thinking of you.



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