Saturday, July 24, 2010

Where did the ocean go?

gone are the sounds of the waves crashing and the lovely ocean breeze..we are back home..back to the city life of horns, sirens and screeching tires..and a pile of laundry!

My two boyz are back together again…”Oliver is wondering “what the heck is wrong with you, Tucker??..don’t you wanna play with have been gone for a week..?..I missed you…”..come on just one go round??…I will let you win..??

IMG_1819 IMG_1820

as you can see from the pictures..Tucker is sleeping with his eyes open..he made it around the corner from the front door and this where he laid down…he has been sleeping most of the day…one day he will learn to pace himself at daycare..gone from home a week and this is what happens??!!.poor boy!!..maybe tomorrow will be a better day?


so in closing we will say goodnight..the sun is down..the laundry is done..groceries are in the fridge..and there is no ocean view to admire….we hope you are all enjoying your weekend….”hey,honey …do you wanna go for a drive tomorrow??


  1. Looks like being on vacation was tiring for everyone. :)

  2. If "Honey" doesn't want to go for a ride...I do!! Don't you hate unloading and laundry when you get home....Which only means that "home" can be anywhere you want it to be!! Great pictures, I'm salivating at the views...

  3. Tucker looks happy to be home to me!

  4. Looks like it was a great trip to bad it had to end. Like us keeping a eye on the prize...


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