Wednesday, July 21, 2010




Our mission today was to travel south on Highway 101 until we got to Florence, Oregon....and stop at as many viewpoints and lighthouses we could find!!..

first stop…Boiler View Point

IMG_1499 IMG_1503

IMG_1500 IMG_1504

IMG_1505 IMG_1501

Depoe Bay,Oregon

IMG_1507 IMG_1511

IMG_1515 IMG_1516


Doug warned me not to turn into a ‘seahag’..asking to stop at every pullout??..would I do that??

Rocky Creek  Viewing Area

IMG_1524 IMG_1519 IMG_1521 IMG_1525


Cape Foulweather was our next de-celeration point..

IMG_1527 IMG_1528

IMG_1536 IMG_1539

IMG_1541 IMG_1533

Yaquina Head Lighthouse..the tallest lighthouse on the Oregon Coast.we paid our $7 admission and took the fifteen minute walk to the lighthouse.


IMG_1544 IMG_1558

IMG_1568 IMG_1548

all this touring around has made us stop was lunch at the Chowder Bowl in Newport..just down the hill was Nye Beach.

IMG_1571 IMG_1574

We missed the turn off for the Yaquina Bay lighthouse..gonna stop on the way we head over the Yaquina Bridge and headed towards our next photo stop..


The Alsea Bridge and the town of Waldsport is on the other side.


next stop is the Heceta Lighthouse..once we arrived there we realized that we had stopped here last year but it was a wet and miserable day and we were not in the mood at that time for any picture taking or even appreciating the scenery.

IMG_1600 IMG_1580 IMG_1583 IMG_1585

the view was amazing as we made our way up the trail towards the lighthouse..

IMG_1581 IMG_1587

IMG_1588 IMG_1595

IMG_1598 IMG_1597

once again the men in the orange vests were part of our day…they were working on the bridge towards the tunnel..nice to see them again!!


we continued south towards Florence, Oregon..a little break and we turned around and headed north again…back towards the town of Newport and the one lighthouse we missed..Yaquina Bay lighthouse

IMG_1619 IMG_1613

IMG_1616 IMG_1614

IMG_1620 IMG_1615

the Yaquina Bridge…as seen from the shore…

IMG_1618 IMG_1625

We then headed towards the Port of Newport..drove through lower part of town with all shops and the a get some crab trap shots..just for old times sake.

IMG_1627 IMG_1631

IMG_1629 IMG_1633

so once again as the sunsets behind the clouds ..the waves are rolling in..we can say that today was ‘mission accomplished'..over the past two years there is only two lighthouses that we have yet to visit..the one in Tillamook(which we missed when we there on Tuesday) and the Umpqua lighthouse…don’t know if we will get to them this time around, but we are pleased to have seen such great scenery today..thanks for riding along with us..


  1. I vote for food pics when you go out to eat on a wordless Wednesday! Love the pics today. Stopping to smell that salty air will do you good and help you too....and maybe even grow some hair on your chest! Hehe :)

  2. Wow!! That was an amazing day and the scenery was stunning! So glad you all are enjoying your time on the coast and the weather seems to be cooperating for you.
    One of our RVing friends-Bob and Lynda Kline- have volunteered a few times at the Umpqua Lighthouse. It certainly looked nice in their pics. They really like going back there from time to time.

    Have fun!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  3. Thanks for the tour! It's hard not to take a great picture along the OR coast. Our son lives in Astoria and we're flying to visit them from VA 2nd week of August, can't wait to drive down 101 again. So much to see, so little time!


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