Thursday, August 26, 2010

An Anniversary Getaway..

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Happy Anniversary to us…!!..a trip to Whistler…in actual fact, this is a Whistler repeat…we are booked  into the same hotel..Cascade Lodge…

2010_08_26 2010_08_2612010_08_262  
and in the same room…what are the chances of that happening..???

we had lunch in Squamish..and when we arrived in Whistler we thought we would not get our room until 4 pm..but we were able to get settled in at 2pm!!
We wandered around the village..took a few pictures and window shopped…
We had a few laughs at Katmandu..…not Doug’s usual baseball cap!!
2010_08_2652010_08_267Since our little home away from home comes equipped with a full kitchen..the last store we went to was the grocery some fixin’s for dinner and we cooked!!
..on the horse racing front..”Victory with Class” came in second place tonight..beaten by 7 lengths..too time!!!!..we still won a small amount though!!, place or show!!

as this evening is drawing to a close…we are planning on going up the mountain tomorrow..rain or shine..!!!…stay tuned…


  1. I like Whistler! We've only been there once, in the spring of 2006. We were on a trip to Vancouver (we stayed at Burnaby Cariboo RV Park) and decided on the spur of the moment to drive up to Whistler one day. We were impressed. It was an expensive area, but nice.

  2. We haven't been to Whistler yet. It sure is a beautiful place, thanks for the great photo tour. Love the hat!

  3. Happy Anniversary and thanks for the great photo-tour of Whistler!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Whistler looks like a great place to celebrate. We have never been there so thanks for sharing.

  5. What a perfect spot to enjoy your Anniversary together! Beautiful!

    Happy Anniversary to the both of you. =)

    Your anniversary is a time
    For sharing your affection;
    It’s obvious the two of you
    Have quite a deep connection!

    We send glad congratulations
    And heartfelt wishes, too,
    For joyful happiness and love
    In everything you do.

    ~Joanna Fuchs

  6. Nice way to spend your anniversary! :)

  7. Happy anniversary. Loved the hat. Beautiful place to celebrate.


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