Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Baker Street Shopping…

 Baker Street…the shopping mecca of the town of Nelson..it is filled with colourful, unique shops , restaurants, coffee shops, old heritage buildings, art stores, plus lots of curios and collectibles . There were lots of patios filled with patrons eating lunch, drinking coffee and soaking up the sunshine.nelson_city_02_640

2010_08_241We  wandered through the stores..making a few small purchases…we need to leave some money here to boost the economy!2010_08_24  IMG_2721 

we stopped for a coffee at the famous “oso negro cafe”..this is a must stop for all visitors..delicious lattes and baked goods and  nice patio with umbrellas and a waterfall..


The view of the big orange bridge from Fell Street..one block below Brenda and Ken’s house…my attempt at a few panoramic shots….



The orange bridge connects the North Shore to Nelson and it is the way to the Kootenay ferry ( the longest free ferry ride in the world)…a trip we took last time we visited here…we took the ferry to Crawford Bay..home to artisans galore…Kootenay Forge and North Woven Broom Company(this is the company that made the brooms for the television show ‘BEWITCHED’.. to name just a few…

As our visit is coming to an end we are sad to be leaving this beautiful area of our province…thanks for a great visit Brenda..too bad Ken wasn’t here this time around but you have been a lovely hostess and we will be back….keep the wine chilled and cheese cut…

Thanks for the great hospitality!…old friends whether near or far are always close at heart!



  1. Baked goods? Did I read that right? Baked goods? We'll be right there!!!

    Nelson is a wonderful looking place.

  2. What a great ending to your wonderful trip. You've definitely boosted the future economy of Nelson, because now many of us want to visit there!

  3. We've never been to Nelson, BC so thanks for the tour and great pictures. You've convinced me that we have to add this great place to our list of BC cities to visit.

  4. Great pictures again. This looks like such a cool little town. You all sure look compfy on that front porch too.

  5. Nelson will be written on my wish list...I loved your pictures....Your'e so right about good friends...worth more that gold!

  6. That sounds and looks like a great place. Thanks. If you have a few minutes, come by and meet Jonathan and Nellie Tate - The Midlife Cruisers at my blog - A Camp Host Housewife's Meanderings http://acamphosthousewifesmeanderings.blogspot.com/. Take care...

  7. There is an old troll lives at the end of the orange bridge


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