Sunday, August 15, 2010


Today was ‘Man Day’ at our house..a beautiful, warm sunny Sunday..perfect day for a stroll along the Poco Trail…Tucker and Emi…there usual Sunday morning date….

A tired dog is a  happy dog..

IMG_2316We had our coffee and vanilla steamed milk, topped with caramel syrup….. on the sundeck…even better than Starbucks…fruit, yogurt, and an english muffin rounded out our meal….

2010_08_15we had no real plans for today..that was until we were reading our local paper..


a ‘car show’ in downtown Port Coquitlam..the main streets were closed to vehicle traffic and the show cars were all lined up..waiting to be inspected, photographed and oogled….look but don’t touch!!!



we have some old friends who are involved with these car we strolled the streets ..we noticed their entries…2010_08_1512010_08_152

we stopped and chatted with our ‘old friends’.. Greg and Patrice…got caught up on all the family excitement…the kids, the dogs, goes on even when you don’t have an opportunity to see was great to ‘catch up’…but there was more chrome and fancy paint jobs to see…



IMG_2326It was after this last photo..that Doug realized I was not taking enough he took over …I guess he decided I was not doing the car show any justice…

CAN YOU SAY MAN DAY??!! was ‘stinking hot’..if you seen one old car you seen ‘em all…just kidding, dear…take as many as you like…I still have control of the ‘blog’!!

Next stop??..the Mustang Corral..and home to our friend, Sergio Nunez and his ‘Saleen Mustang’

IMG_2327there seems to be a pattern today..running into friends we have not seen in a while..another ‘catch up’ session in the blazing sun…the sweat is now pouring down my back…ewwwww….



this pretty orange one is my favourite…nice paint job!!!

2010_08_1572010_08_158Now..if I still have your attention..we left the car show….

I think he photographed almost every car?..well, maybe not every one..but it sure seemed like it..

We headed towards the Poco Trail search of a geocache…’get off my back’ the name of this one..’how fitting??’

We trampled through the forest..tell me why I wore flip flops???..came upon a fort in the trees…..Doug found the cache..under a fallen tree..I was almost ready to give up..the bathroom was calling my name.. but we had success…!! #28 for the newbies..2010_08_159

one more vehicle picture to end our day…

this one is very 1995 we purchased our first ford truck from the local ford dealer..METRO MOTORS....we have seen this truck on the road a few times over the years  since we traded it has had a few owners in it’s here it sits..on the street where we parked to find our geocache.. looks pretty much the same as when we owned it..HELLO OLD FRIEND!!..NICE TO SEE YOU!!



so there you have it..our coffee, cars, chrome and cache Sunday…the ‘MAN DAY ‘ is done..the blog is complete..I may not have control over the subject but the blog is still under my control…hope you enjoyed ‘riding along’….


  1. That 2 tone 1955 Chevy was just like the one we had when I was growing up!!! I LOVE vintage car shows....such nostalgia, which is what I am about..Thanks for sharing with us...

  2. Great pics of lots of beautiful old vintage cars! Some real beauties in there! Thanks for posting all the photos!

  3. Beautiful antique cars! So bright and shiny.
    I think my first date was in a Chevy like that orange one. The pics are great...glad you allowed Doug a chance to snap a few, after all it is "MAN DAY."
    You guys are doing great with geocaching. We need to get back with it. Glad you found your cache today.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  4. I'm not much of a car buff, so I'll comment on your latest geocache. #28 already--good for you. You are rapidly catching up with Dave and me. We forget to geocache when we are at home. We're going to Cape Disappointment (Washington coast) next weekend, so we'll have to look for some geocaches while we're there!

  5. I'm still drooling over that bowl of fresh fruit. Yummy. Those cars were nice too, but I'm usually thinking more about my stomach than antique cars. :)

  6. Beautiful cars, we always enjoy going to the car shows. We have a 1960 Corvette.

  7. I understand about the feelings for your old truck. We had a "95", Eddy baur truck, and I still miss it. It was the prettiest truck in town. Don drags me to the old car shows too, but they do bring back lots of memories, so I usually don't complain too much. Loved the pictures. Pidge

  8. Love all the car pics,Looks like you had a great day even though the day was hot, Be safe out there. Sam & donna.

  9. Great pictures of some fine looking rides. Thanks


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