Monday, August 16, 2010

come out come out where ever you are??

I was reading my list of blogs last night and came across MARGIE AND ROGER..(a great read so far)....they mentioned in a post about NELLIE AND JONATHON..and how much they missed reading their blog..ME TOO…

It has been 11 days since there was any activity on their blog??..come out come out where ever you are!!!…no internet or cell service for that painful that must be!!

We miss hearing about all the escapades of her, Jonathon and ‘Junior’….the wacko blogger!!..come on back to the land of modern technology!!!..we all need a laugh!!..we are waiting with ‘baited breath’ for a blog  entry!!

Has she forgotten about all of us??..too busy doing her ‘donut challenge?’..fallen into an outhouse???.busy finding elephant dung??…painting toe nails??..trailer overtaken by mice??..come on Nellie!!…just a hint of what you have been up to???!!

Whenever you return?..we will be here?!..well..maybe?..

I might be out turning this MONDAY into a blog worthy day!!..but then again..the housework and laundry is calling my name..I think I am going to change my name..then I won’t have to answer…images


???….or come back in my next life as a CAT!!!..they have it made..sleep all all night!!





  1. Cute blog. I love Maxine. Pidge

  2. Hopefully Nellie will return soon and fill us in on her latest escapades!!
    I love Maxine....such logic!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  3. Maybe Nellie and Jonathan have been kidnapped by upscale ""Yuppies", hauled off to Aspen and made to live in one of them there condos....I would be on my way down the mountain on foot, laptop in hand, trying to hook up with a ride to McDonalds..where I could get WI-FI AND a Big Mac!!!

  4. Ok, so I'm where are you? LOL!


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