Sunday, August 22, 2010

a day in the life of Keremeos

on route to Keremeos..the sun is rising….




our friends in the orange vests once again..I think they are following us…there is road work where ever we go!!


IMG_2431IMG_2435another forest fire..this one has been burning since July 28th….finally they are working on it…IMG_2436IMG_2447




HAY!!!…we have arrived in Keremeos!!!…Riverside Prison!! we call it…

IMG_2464  IMG_2515 IMG_2511IMG_2516

IMG_2520the supervisor…working is hard to watch..we know!!!IMG_2522IMG_2523  IMG_2524 don’t fence us in….


IMG_2514 IMG_2478

IMG_2479IMG_2486a day filled with…horses…visiting…and more visiting….IMG_2481   peaches..pears..plums and nectarines….

2010_08_212 bee’s nests…empty ones!!..thank goodness!!

2010_08_213 Tucker had a great time..this place is full of ‘balls’..all different colours and shapes..and they are mighty tasty!!..our ‘poopin machine’!!!IMG_2489 

mountain sheep on the hill..we need a bigger zoom!!!!..or they need to come closer for a better photo!!IMG_2492IMG_2505IMG_2506IMG_2509    

Thanks for the quick visit, Ron and Karen…onward to Nelson, B.C

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