Friday, August 6, 2010

going on a road trip….

yes you read that correctly..we are busting out a here!!!..enough with the housework, cooking and laundry…Cinderella is free from her  condo prison!…release the ‘hounds’ ..we heading out on the open road… How grand will that be??…some new scenery!! photos..will they be ‘blog worthy’??  ..darn tootin!!!



 honey? you want to  go for a drive?..darn rights  I do !!!…release me from the chains of household drudgery!!

my glass slippers are packed..lets hit the road…the chariot awaits!!!




have a stupendous weekend everyone!!! ..we plan to!!



  1. Yay! I'm happy for you. Road trips are such fun. Looking forward to finding out where you went!

  2. I find even a day trip or half a day trip helps break the home routine. Just getting out & going somewhere, anywhere, together & seeing & doing something different for a change is a huge help in breaking out of that humdrum boring home routine, Good for you guys:))

  3. Good plan, Cinderella!! Great post and I'll be watching for those 'blog-worthy' photos!

  4. I'm very good at finding things to do to avoid household drudgery! :) Enjoy your time off!!

  5. Today I am more like an Ugly Stepsister...But, if I promise not to make you wait on me hand and foot, can I go?? Blog away, Cinderella, blog away

  6. You guys have a grand time!! I can't wait to hear where you went and what you did!!
    Travel safely!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  7. Any trip is a good trip....road trip, RV trip, bike trip, or whatever. It's always good to change the look of your environment from time to time. Safe travels and have a ton of fun you guys.


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