Monday, August 30, 2010

Life goes on….


as summer is drawing to a more week and it is back to work for me..we have done lots..travelled many miles..taken a zillion pictures..or what seems like a zillion!…

it has been a different kind of summer for me with no Rving…our life is all about choices ..and we have made some wrong ones through the years..

we are moving on to bigger and better things...I will be the first to admit it has been difficult  for me...but we have made the most out of the trips we have done..and had a great time along the way..

we have been to the ocean..and been to the summits of the mountains..the highs and lows…and places in between…all picture perfect and blog worthy trips in their own right….

just wanted to say thank you for riding along with us through the summer of 2010…onward to the fall and winter adventures of Bigdawg and Freeway…where will the road take us?..we have a few places planned so stay tuned…

life goes on…we will cherish the memories of the summer of 2010..and we look forward to next summer…where will that road take us??..round the next corner will always be a picture taking opportunity..

Don’t quit chasing your dreams..there’s  no telling how far you will have to run to catch them..

but for housework awaits..get back to work Cinderella!!



  1. One week left-Bummer. Enjoy that week and the the fall ahead.

  2. Yes, summer 2010 is nearly at a close, but Autumn 2010 is just around the next turn..This means cool, crisp days and fabulous foliage displays...Yes, life does go on...enjoy!

  3. At least you are getting closer to fulltiming with each passing day,that is the way we look at it if we start having activity on the house we will feel even better. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  4. Well said folks. I sensed some frustration & uncertainty in your writing but also that tinge of excitement that comes with future unknowns. Autumn is a time of reflection as the weather patterns change & our minds begin to shift their focus from the summer that was to the Autumn it is & winter it will be. This is my favorite time of year.

  5. We loved traveling with you this summer and seeing all of it.

    Keep the dream alive..

  6. It's been great traveling along and seeing all the great sights along the way through your pictures. Thanks for all the summer tours!

  7. I don't envy you having to return to work, but if it will get you where you want to end up, it's worth it. :)

  8. Thanks for all the great pictures and looking forward to more. Also thank you for all of your great comments.

  9. I hope you keep blogging, even though your summer of adventure is drawing to a close! You've had some wonderful travels and I'm glad I got to travel along with you!


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