Friday, August 27, 2010

Making the ‘moose ‘ out of life…

Today was a mountain high day..seeing the sights through Doug’s eyes..and his photographs…AND………………..


First trip of the day was the gondola from Whistler village…to the top?

IMG_2881IMG_2882it is about a 20 minute ride to our next stop…the day was cloudy and some sprinkles of rain…nothing would dampen our spirits today..



One of the Whistler mountain employees took our photo..good job!!..and then proceeded to tell us that the “Peak Express” just opened for the day and suggested we should take the open chair lift to the summit of Whistler Mountain??!!..Doug was all for it…ME??..are you kidding me??..I gotta pee first!!

I went to the bathroom and as I was sitting there I thought “oh crap..what the heck? is short..go for it..!!

We did the ten minute hike down the hill towards the chair time to think about it..

We got our seat..wet as it was!!..and we were off….it was not the ride that was the scary part…but all the rocks…not the fall that will kill us..but the sudden stop at the bottom…the view was unbelievable!!..glaciers..crevasses!!..we could see as far as the clouds would let us…


IMG_2895IMG_2898The clouds had almost completely enveloped the the view was limited…


Another photo op..this one was taken by a visitor from Minnesota..


I tried my hand at making my own innukshuk..a ‘baby’ one..SO PROUD OF IT!!

2010_08_274OKAY..enough stalling..we are freezing..time to head back down…hanging on for dear is that first drop off that gets you….




“TOLD YOU SO”….Our expert who told ‘go for it’..and we are glad we much so…we will more than likely do it again tomorrow if the peak is not in the clouds………….

2010_08_278next ride..PEAK TO PEAK…



The views from our peak to peak ride..through Doug’s eyes..he was the man behind the camera for the ride..



IMG_2988_1IMG_2990_1IMG_2999_1   IMG_3008IMG_3013   pano-3IMG_3012 

We stopped for a lunch break..we had packed a picnic lunch..bought a bowl of chicken noodle soup and some hot was a bit chilly on we were eating our lunch we looked outside and it was ‘snowing’??!!!..we thought it was August!!???

IMG_3018 We headed down the mountain in the open chair…the snow was coming down..we were getting wet but still enjoying the full experience..we managed to get a few more pictures on the way down..


IMG_3025IMG_3027  We are hoping for a better day weather wise tomorrow…it is suppose to be clear and sunny…??..some token flower pictures just for old times sake…the batteries in the camera are now dead!!!..better charge them when we get back….


We headed back to the hotel and  a soak in the ‘hot tub’…a perfect end to a ‘high mountain afternoon’..

IMG_3029 our dinner choice this evening is BBQ BOB'Shome delivery…


as today winds down..we have had sun, clouds,a sprinkle of rain..a downpour and some snowflakes…all in a day at Whistler….


  1. I am glad you took the ride up, the sites were beautiful and well worth the trip up. I bet it made the second ride easier. I wish we had some of that colder weather here, although we were not in the upper 90's today!
    Thanks for the post and you guys be safe.
    Mike & Gerri

  2. Great pictures, Doug! I enjoyed your ride up and down the mountains. We took the gondola ride when we visited Whistler, but I've never ridden on the ski lifts. Scary...!

  3. Great pics for sure & what a great piece of luck that you decided to go for it. I would absolutely love a day like that with a big ride up & down a mountain. Maybe oneday we will get out that way & go zooming up & down on that life. Sure hope so.

  4. Wonderful photos! I'm so glad you decided to ride the lift! Good for you! Great photo of you two at the top of Blackcomb. I thought it was really neat that it snowed while you were there. What a great experience this trip has surely been for you!

  5. What a great and eciting trip the views and photo's were great, thanks for taking us along with you. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  6. Such beautiful views! Breathtaking! Glad you got the courage to go for the ride. =) Excellent pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Fantastic experience for you. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. Thanks for the rides on the ski lifts up Whistler and Blackcomb, it was sure nice and comfy, not to mention safe, from the comfort of my computer room. That take out BBQ looked very tasty too!

  9. WOW! What a fantastic day the two of you had. I hope you get clearing skies today for a second go at it. What are the fees like for those rides? :)

  10. What great memories you made today...I was right with you on the ride up the mountain in the ski lift...The views were worth the ride!! Thanks for letting us crowd into the lift with you!!

  11. Awesome pictures made me fell like I was there. Wish I wasn't so scared to ride the tram and see them myself. Thanks for sharing.


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