Tuesday, August 3, 2010

an organizing ‘blue funk’

The August Long Weekend is but a distance memory…the clouds have rolled in this afternoon…still warm out…but no sunshine???

The main topics in the blog front this past few days, seems to be about being organized, getting organized..and the dreaded “blue funk”..Me?..I am in an ‘organizing blue funk”..our closets and dresser drawers  in our bedroom are in desperate need of organizing..I try really hard to keep things tidy but somehow it gets away from us…HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?..



In a hurry  to put things away..in a rush to get dressed???..can’t find that perfect white T-shirt??..or what???


IMG_1935 IMG_1936

I started with my side of the closets..not too bad..refolded and lined up all the clothes like  a band in a parade..all the white coat hangers going in the same direction…

IMG_1938 IMG_1939

NO I did not get out the measuring tape and measure the distance between each hanger??..I am not that ‘Martha Stewart-ish’..I wish I was..but that is not going to happen in my lifetime..I can fake it well, though…



Now …onto Doug’s side..how many T-shirts can one man possible possess??..every colour of the rainbow..well..his rainbow anyway..white..grey blue and some green and brown thrown in for good measure..


IMG_1944 IMG_1943


Hangers all lined up on his  side now…looks beautiful!!!..but the big question is??..will this all fit when the time comes??


NOw Mama is happy!!!..let the hangers fall where they may!!!..just keep ‘em lined up!!!


  1. Ah, yes..The dreaded Blue Funk...similar to being water boarded by your own anxieties...Who says we have to be organized anyway???? Speaking of T-shirts...Dennis has his in a drawer..When I put them away I have to put my foot in, push down..and jam!
    Your closets now resemble Oprah's...YOU DIDN'T LINE THE CLOTHES UP BY COLOR!!! Seriously...nice job...but I'm not in the mood...

  2. They look so pretty all lined up like that!! I am so impressed.
    Might be a bit of a squeeze in a motorhome closet though!! In the motorhome I find I sometimes fold my T-shirts (the ones I don't wear all the time). That helps the closet issue. I also need to get in the closet and do a little of that organizing myself.
    Thanks for the motivation!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  3. The minute I take a shirt off one of my hangers the hanger is gone never to be seen on my side of the closet ever again.

  4. Wow, that closet looks amazing!!! Looks like a perfect organizing job to me. My closets aren't that organized...no...it's true! A bit messy, actually. Yeah, you might have to pare that wardrobe down just a bit in a couple of years when RV time comes along. :)


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