Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Our original plan was not to be heading home today…but plans are made to be changed…we left Nelson this morning before the sun was up…yes that is the I said it was early!!!!



We wanted to get an early start and get in as many miles as we could before we stopped…this eight hour drive was going to be a long one..and with the traffic and lots of construction stops..time was not on our side..and neither was the 640 kilometres we need to get through…


We made a quick stop for breakfast and carried on through the Similkameen Valley….



It was a perfect day for a long drive..the roads were not too busy and the sky was a beautiful periwinkle blue…

IMG_2775_1 IMG_2771_1We stopped to take a few pictures of this little white church…set back from Highway 3.just outside the town of Hedley....we have passed it numerous times in the past 11 years and have never stopped to take  a picture…until today…. 

More construction once again along the Hope-Princeton..paving trucks had one lane blocked so we waited for about 10 minutes before it was our turn to get through…

IMG_2777_1The Hope Slide co-operated today and I was able to take a photo as we went by…normally it is covered in fog..or it’s raining as we go through this section ..NOT TODAY!!..picture perfect…

IMG_2781IMG_2782_1   the bug splattered windshield..not exactly conducive to taking photographs..

we are off to the RACES…tonight…CLASSIC ALLEY KAT (AKA..BOBBY) is running…wish us luck..more on that later….

It is now later….we headed to the racetrack around 5:45 pm…parking..??..was a chore to find as the PNE was on…we did finally find a spot about four blocks away from the track…we had to pay to get into the Hastings Track…but on a good note…we met Karen,(yes, she came Keremeos this afternoon)… and Tom and Wendy there…we got into the paddock to see ‘Bobby’ before the race…


cost of parking $25

cost to enter $40

our wager $20(WE WON $11)

Seeing ‘Classic Alley Kat’ win the race …PRICELESS





since we PAID!! to get in anyway we walked through the PNE grounds..not for long but at least we can say we went…”get your programs….win a house …win a car….”


We are also heading to Whistler for a few days ….leaving tomorrow…it is time for Doug’s turn on the PEAK TO PEAK…stay tuned…for a Whistler repeat …


  1. The Hope Slide photo rang a bell for me. Been back & forth on that highway a few times between the Okanagan & Vancouver years ago.

  2. I love your site, but sorry to say I couldn't see the written part at all today. Great pictures as usual today though.

  3. Thanks Sue, that is so much better. I love your colorful site though.

  4. Great pics!! Sounds like you all had a great day at the races!! Looking forward to your adventures in Whistler!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  5. Well, darn it! I couldn't see all your pictures! You did a great job entertaining me with your words though. I've never been to a horse race! I'd love to go sometime!


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