Sunday, August 1, 2010

“ say..UNCLE!”

Our morning started off with romp on the POCO TRaIL with Ed, Judy and ‘Emmie’..Tucker, of  course had a great time..swimming in the river..running through the trails, and the mud ..back in the water again..OH, to have his energy!!!









































and now for the ‘golden couple’…











an all round successful Sunday morning for the ‘girl from the hill and the boy from the bottom of the hill..

Tucker never knows when to quit..he would run and swim and run some more..he need to learn to say UNCLE..once in a while..

Well, through the wonders of Face book, we keep in touch with the breeder we got our ‘perfect boy from ..and we found out last night that Tucker is an UNCLE37774_419939175842_575090842_5329313_6293254_n

this is Tucker’s sister on the left..Emma and his mom on the right.. Sarah..38518_419939365842_575090842_5329337_786607_n39361_419939200842_575090842_5329314_6412336_n

Hey, Mom..wait for me!!!!!!…



These gorgeous photos were taken by Alanna Clempson..absolutely precious..nothing like a golden retriever puppy!!!

Jeep wave stats today…two out of four!!

quote for the day:



  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! To answer your question, dogs are only allowed in parking lots and picnic areas in the Nat'l Parks I have been in. Traveling anywhere in Yellowstone takes many hours, so I bring Emma with me. When my sister was here we left the dogs in our rigs so we could walk the trails and many boardwalks. When I visit a smaller park, I leave her at home. :)

  2. What precious puppies!! You are right...nothing better than a golden puppy!
    Congrats Tucker on Unclehood!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  3. All retrievers are awesome, even tempered and gorgeous..We had a Black Lab...and she had 2 litters of pups..8 the first, and 9 the second. The first litter were chocolate and black, and the second litter were chocolate, black and white. Still miss her.....

  4. What a handsome boy! It's nice to see a dog who actually enjoys playing outside. Junior/Bosco is the laziest dog I know. He thinks he's made out of glass, I think.

  5. Great puppy pics - the older ones are nice too!

  6. All your pics today were wonderful. Nothing better in life than a dog!!! Goldens are beautiful, although we've never had one, I can appreciate them. :)


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