Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Selkirk Loop

Selkirk Loop map

we had a small road trip planned for today…our plan was to travel the Selkirk Loop heading from Nelson to New Denver to Nakusp and then Kaslo and back to Nelson…over 300 kilometres in one day!


We travelled today through some gorgeous scenery..mountains, lakes and rivers..a picture perfect day…a blog worthy day!!..we took over 130 pictures today…too many to share …but I will try…

After our delicious breakfast served by our most gracious hostess ..we were all showered, dressed and ready for an adventure…Tucker loaded in the back of the jeep..off we went…



our first stop today was the town of New Denver….a small town on the shores of Slocan Lake..surrounded by the Vallahalla Mountain Range


since we were on the shores of Slocan Lake..Tucker of course needed to test the water …and he did a fine job!!


once the swimming was complete we headed to the town of Nakusp not before we stopped at Summit Lake..pano IMG_2636no road trip is complete without our friends in the orange vests..once again..even way out in the middle of nowhere..we are beginning to think they are following us..all the way from Florence, Oregon to Nelson, B.C.



our lunch stop is the town of Nakusp and the famous deli….three sandwiches and drinks..a table in the sun…perfection.




IMG_2653 after our lunch we headed south again towards New Denver…and then east towards the town of Kaslo…a few more photo ops on the way….

2010_08_235 IMG_2654IMG_2660  


we stopped at this old bridge…to collect a bag of rocks..fine, smooth slate rocks…just a small bag…Brenda had been here before and they had picked up just  a FEW for their garden…Mother Nature at her finest…



next stop..the town of Kaslo..








just once more with the orange vest people..this time on the Kootenay Lake side…almost home and here we are again…stopped on the highway…

IMG_2711 over the big orange bridge and we are home again....or as Brenda and all ‘Nelsonite’s’..call it…BOB..short for ‘big orange bridge’…thanks for the great day…our hostess took us on a great tour of this gorgeous area known as the “Kootenays’


  1. What great photos!!! But how did Dennis get up there to pose for that picture with Doug?? I warned him not to wear the Hawaiian skirt!! I sooo love that part of the country!!! We just gotta get back there! Thanks for taking us this time.

  2. All those photos have made me decide to start saving right away for that trip to Canada that we want to take. Beautiful scenery.

  3. Yes, it was definitely a blog-worthy day. But I enjoy reading your blog even on non-blog-worthy days, so keep writing!

  4. Beautiful area and great photos. Isn't nature great?

  5. Great pics & they all remind me of BC just as I remember it, oh so many years ago.

  6. Beautiful photo's of Canada! We really need to get ourselves a passport~not to visit, but so we can come back home!

    Thanks for sharing your day!

  7. Beautiful pictures, thanks for the tour!


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