Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A trip down memory lane

This week MARGIE did a post with regards to entries in an old travel that in turn gave me an idea for a trip down memory lane. I rummaged through the box of old photos and found some old ones of our early camping days…

Doug and I started camping before we were married..tent camping was the beginning of our camping experiences…we spent many summers..exploring this great province of ours..we had a few tents in our day too…

the old green wall tent…red dome tent…the two room grey and yellow tent…the blue tent…the silver dome tent…and the army green tent..which we still have..IMG_2404this would have been circa 1995…with the silver dome tent..note our 'old friend' ..nice and shiny…we were at the Coquihalla Campground in Hope, anniversary weekend…in the heat…it was ‘dang hot’..we had a great spot right on the river….

One year we rented a tent trailer and headed off to Manning Park…the year before we had been there…it poured with rain…everything got so wet…we called that week..’the river runs through it’ in through the more tenting!!!..

that and the big diesel pusher that pulled in as we were huddled under the tarp…he backed in…levellers went down..slide went out..satellite dish went up…and it seemed like within minutes he was sitting with his feet up watching TV….this cemented the end of our desire to be out in elements in a tent…onward and upward….IMG_2405 onto a house on wheels….nice and dry!!!

and so begins 0ur love of trailer camping..our friends invited us to camp with them at Alouette Lake…April  1999…Easter Weekend..we had a brainstorm..we would sleep in the back of Doug’s cube van..we don’t want to sleep on the ground in a tent..…can you say SNOW!!!!..AND FREEZING COLD..a metal freezer is what it was!!!

They had just purchased a new to them trailer…and they had an old one that they were selling??…after freezing for two nights..we thought long and hard and decided to take the plunge..and purchase it…$500…a 1969  19 ft Vanguard Travel Trailer…

We were so happy…it had a fridge, stove, a toilet, and a  king size bed…it was a ‘fun house on wheels’…we had running water…well sort of ….a blue jug on the roof…gravity fed…when it was empty it fell off the roof…the kitchen sink drained into a big bucket outside…hey the system worked..

We may have looked like a bunch of ‘rednecks’ but we had such fun!!!


We spent two years  with this old beauty…Golden Ears Provincial Park, Birch Bay State Park, Larabee State Park, Manning Park, Shuswap Provincial Park, Mara Lake, Sequim State Park, Fort Canby  and Fort Warden..just to name a few…

We sold her in the year  2000 for $1000…doubled our money…she was on her last legs…time for her to go….to the trailer park in the sky..

A couple of years later we borrowed a trailer from a friend..


 we headed back to Birch Bay…for old times sake… a few days of rest and relaxation…on the beach…sun surf and sand..

and so ends our Rving trip down memory lane…

I did find my old travel was fun to reread all the blogging skills left a bit to the imagination..…we made 20 trips with the ‘old gal’.two of those trips were over 1400 kilometres..she was well used..thanks for the memories…you have paved the way for our new dreams!!

“keep an eye on the prize!!”


  1. As usual, what a great post tonight. We had friends that had a trailer similar to yours--similar in the way the water came in and out, anyway. They, like you, were happy as clams to be out camping and not having to set up a tent.

    The good thing is that you already know that you like camping!

  2. We started with a pop-up went to a 16ft Shasta, then a 20 foot Kit Roadranger, and then the 30 foot Wilderness 5th wheel we had before the 30 ft Coachman 5th wheel we have now. each one made great memories with the us and our boys growing up,Hope another RV will soon be in your future, be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  3. Thanks for taking us down memory lane with you. It's fun to see how everyone has progressed from the beginner tent to different types of RV's.

  4. The Good Old Days. Thanks for taking us on a great trip down memory lane. Trailers sure have changed a lot since you started out!

  5. Many of us have made that same journey...from tent to pop-up to trailer, and on to a motorhome. Thanks for reminding me. :)

  6. What great camping adventures you have had. My job required that I work the week ends and Hubby worked all week, so left little time for anything other than keeping caught up on chores and kids. Loved sharing your memories.

  7. Thanks for posting this! It made me do a mental walk down memory lane. We started with a tent, then a popup, then an 18 foot trailer, then our Eagle!

  8. We started our journey much the same way...from tent to pop-up to travel trailer to motorhome. Isn't it fun to travel down memory lane?? Thanks for bringing us along on your journey you guys have some really sweet memories.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  9. Love all the pics of your past camping experiences. I'm with you on the hard-sided RV's. They can keep the heat in. Those pop-ups are either too hot or too cold from my experience. Loved the trip down memory lane with you.

    Thanks for the shout out on your blog!

  10. RE..your comments..Yeah, we could have killed bunches of mosquitoes with the booze in our blood!!!! We gave up the firepit and ducked indoors about 7:45PM....They were lined up to strafe we came in and had a few inside...God, I hate mosquitoes!!!


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