Sunday, September 12, 2010

34 days..


thirty fours day from October 16th, 2010..there is going to be a wedding in the family…

who is getting married?…my niece…my sister’s daughter..Crystal is the bride to be….today was the bridal shower…

another day without the camera… Sad smile..

the room was filled with nieces, aunts, grandmothers, mother in law, bridesmaids and a few small children..

there was a good turn out..and it was a lovely shower filled with party games, lots of presents and a table full of food!!


my advice to her…’being married is the hardest job you will ever have…and when Mike is ‘wrong’..he is still ‘right’…

lots of give and take..sometimes more take than give…

her grandmother’s advice…don’t go to bed angry at each other..

take all the advice you will get and make it work for the two of you…

Showers of happiness!


  1. That all sounds like excellent advice for a bride-to-be. Glad you enjoyed the bridal shower!

  2. Hey, not going to bed angry was my Grandmother's advice to Paulette too! With me around, that's been a real challenge!!

  3. I got some advice I'll never forget....When you fight or have a big disagreement always start your conversations with ,"I love you very much, but right now I'm not likin' you lots"...I thought it was a pretty good line. Best wishes to the bride and groom!!!

  4. Best wishes to your niece. We have a nephew getting married the end of this month and are looking forward to it. Stay safe.


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