Thursday, September 2, 2010


I have heard of writer’s block..but what about ‘bl0gger’s block?’..that is what I have today…Doug came home from work today and the first words out of his mouth after ‘hello’..YOU DIDN’T POST TODAY??..WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?..

I told him I had nothing..and he called it ‘blogger block’..



My day was eventful  but not blog worthy..the weather was nice which was a good thing..I am on the downhill side to the end of my vacation so I guess I am in a ‘blue blogger block mood’…I have no ‘lemons to make lemon-aide’.


I am sad that summer is coming to an end and soon it will be the back to work grind..up early..go to work…go home..dinner  laundry and lunches..and do it all over again the next day..sounds pretty darn exciting doesn’t it ?!!

I did call work today to double check when I have to go back and found out I have one extra day that I did not know I don’t have to go back until next Wednesday..doing a happy dance!!!..good thing I did not go in on Tuesday by mistake!!!..


So as this day draws to a close…I can hope that tomorrow will be a better day….and the ‘blue blogger block’ will have disappeared..onward to the weekend..we have an adventure planned..pack a lunch and head east…more to come later…

I was reading a few blogs and someone had mentioned how their blog title will change once they go fulltime??…we will always be BIGDAWG AND FREEWAY….that’s our ‘schtick’ and we are ‘schticking’ with it!!!

Hey…look at that…I did a post from nothin!!!..thanks for reading along..and listening to my ‘bellyachin’..all in good fun…!!!..I feel better now!!!




  1. I'll keep reading, even when you have "nothing". Even reading about nothing is better than nothing!

  2. Hey, nothing to you is something to us out here in blogland! Good post for a nothing day.

  3. Pretty darn good post for blogger block with nothing to say!

  4. Had the same thing yesterday, Thank God for Rigg's puppy pictures, bring on Tucker's I'll bet he was a cute little guy when you brought him home. Somehow you can always dredge up something even if it's only a paragragh to gripe about something, that's what life in the nig city is like. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  5. Yes, I know about those blogger's block days. The bigger problem I am wrestling with these days is that after 3 years of this I'm slowly beginning to lose interest in the whole blogging thing. I really enjoyed it up to about 6 months ago. Maybe once we get on the road again my attitude will improve & things will be fun again.....maybe!! Ya did good making something out of nothing:))

  6. I agree with what Carol, Margie and Rick said.

    Going back to work after such a wonderful time off is tough. Keep your eye on the day you won't have to stop playing!!!!

    Mike & Gerri

  7. It is amazing to me that there is always SOMEONE who enjoys reading what we think is NOTHING....Some days are yawners around here, too....Those are the times ya gotta find a laugh in a dumb thing..which is mostly what I do...

  8. Blogger's Block is a common occurrence among bloggers. It will pass though. Have a good Labor Day...and blog about it.


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