Monday, September 6, 2010


The Palouse, Washington State, USA
Thanks for the picture PIDGE……now on with the blog…
I have been on holidays since July 15th..heading back to work on September 8th and none to happy about it…WHERE DID THE SUMMER GO?…
I know that none of you feel too sorry for me ..I have had a nice long break..time to ‘suck it up..put on the big girl panties..and get back to the real world…but really where has the time gone??….
We have been to Lincoln City on the Oregon Coast, Keremeos, Whistler(twice)..sorry if that  bored you)..Nelson…Hastings Race Track…and a few places in between…we have travelled well over 4000 kilometres..(love the one you are with..that is  a lot of miles in a vehicle)… I have cooked, cleaned, ironed, organized closets, shared recipes, geo-cached, injured the dog…all the while blogging as I went…I learned some new blogging tricks..thanks to ‘the go to guy’..I have vented and whined along the way..some days were better than others…
This has been a “different kind of  summer “ for us but I just wanted to say ‘thanks for being out there in ‘blog ville’…you have made it much more ‘bearable’…I have searched for the perfect ‘hay bale’..(drove Doug crazy on the way to Nelson searching and searching for that perfect one)..and by a miracle I found it…the needle in the haystack anyway…(my blogging buddies)
so it is with deep gratitude I say thank you to my followers…those who comment and even those who don’t ..thank you  for reading ‘Bigdawg and Freeway’…we aim to entertain and I hope we did!!…stay tuned there will be more adventures..
but for now it is back to work..blowing the dust off the uniforms, breaking out the lunch kit , the work shoes and buying the bus pass ..setting the alarm clock..the means to the end..keeping an eye on the prize…
sorry as you know it is least until the next vacation?? what time to I have to get up??? 5 am.??are you kidding me??..that is the middle of the night???!!!
I think I need another vacation???!!!


  1. When you keep your eye on the prize...that is the day you will throw out that alarm clock! :)

  2. I'm sure others enjoyed following your adventures this summer as mch as I did. And I'm not going anywhere even though you are back punching the timeclock at work. I'm sure you'll still have some pretty interesting stuff to share with everyone.

    Summer left us this weekend, too. It has been raining pretty hard down here in Tumwater, WA for the past couple of hours now. We'll head south tomorrow and hope we can find some more sun for a few weeks.

  3. I'm glad that I discovered your blog so that I could tag along on most of your summer adventures. I'm looking forward to hearing about your job. The needle in the haystack picture was great!

  4. All the best & we'll be keeping an eye on your blog for new happenings.

  5. It's been fun traveling with you this summer as I say ONE DAY CLOSER TO THE DREAM..

  6. Hey, at least your "big girl" panties aren't Depends yet!!!! See, it could be LOTS worse!! I see lots of new fodder for blogs in going back to work!! Keep on bloggin'!

  7. Good luck going back to work, your time will come fast, time waits for no one. If we could get this house sold, my wife would retire and we would head out. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  8. Keep your head up and your eye on the prize! =) You'll be back out the open road in no time. A positive attitude will help "working for the man" a bit more bearable! Just smile - everyone will wonder what you're up to...


  9. Mike and I have really enjoyed traveling along on your summer adventures. Thanks for sharing all this fun with us.
    Going back to work is tough but keep your eyes on the won't be long. Everyday is one day closer. :-)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)


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