Monday, September 20, 2010

like a bad penny?


Our truck has been gone  from the car lot for the past few months..and the trailer has been sitting all alone in the lot..right where we left it…we went by the car dealer on Friday  and the trailer was no where to  be seen..We thought..oh my goodness..finally someone purchased it!!!…thank goodness …

We no longer have to drive by and see it sitting there…but low and behold this morning when Doug was on his way to work he looked over and there it was..just like a “bad penny” … it showed up again…geez……


I know in my heart that it is just a big white box on wheels but I wonder ???……if it could talk what would it say???…..

"Does no one want me???..I made my former family happy, that was until they did some number crunching and realized that I was never going to be theirs??..I was in  actual fact was just a rental for  the past few years. ..the forever ever plan from the bank??..I enjoyed taking them on their adventures but my time was  done..time for a new family and some new adventures..Please come and buy me so I can feel the wind once again!!  I will be good..I promise..I will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer..throw away your tent and come and try the fiber glass box on will never want  to sleep on the ground again!!..fridge, stove, television, radio, dvd player,  full bathroom, microwave, awning, two propane tanks, double sink, lots of storage, queen size bed..what more could a family just starting out ask for ???"

 so as our ‘bad penny’ sits in the car lot ..we hope that one day it will be gone for good…we have moved on …we only wish this fiber glass box would too!!!


  1. Sue, One day soon someone will purchase your old friend and take it places, Oh the places it will go. Life is good and all is well.
    Take care!
    Mike & Gerri

  2. What a great story..Hang in there it will be gone..

  3. Geez, you almost made me feel guilty enough to get on the ferry, drive over and buy that old trailer myself!! Someday, someone will though!

  4. Hope you sell your trailer soon. Is it on line? I did a lot of research on line before we started out, and ended up buying one that was listed on line. Stay safe.

  5. That little gem isn't a bad penny...It is just waiting for the right family, and they will show up. It's a lot like losing an old friend, though..It was for us, when we got rid of the Cougar...I mistakenly thought we left our memories inside of it...but I was wrong...they are adhered onto us and are with us daily..


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