Tuesday, September 21, 2010

one word for you…LETITGO

I have been told numerous times over the last few months to ..LETITGO…Let what go you ask?..well, my post from yesterday, and the topic..THE BAD PENNY..

Donna’s comment has hit the nail  on the head..I thought that if the trailer was gone..gone would be the memories that went along with it..but they are still with me..

What do I miss?..not all the work that was involved with going and coming home..but it was the in between time..the peace and quiet…the campfire…coffee outside in the morning..the smell of bacon cooking..coffee perking..…the walks on the beach ..…the simpleness of life in a trailer….the one on one time…no housework or laundry…(at least till we got home)

I know…LETITGO..one day we will be back out there..and I am hanging onto that…some days it is the only thing that keeps me sane!…I just think how much we are going to appreciate it when it is time once again…so for now I am learning to LETITGO!!……there will always be the memories for now..but one day we will be making new memories!

Keeping  an eye on the prize!!


  1. Let It Go...that's hard advice to follow but it's something that most of need to do from time to time and in many different areas. It's not easy, though! Hang in there, Sue and Doug. We're on your side!

  2. It's hard to let it go when you want it so badly. Look at it this way, you haven't really let it go. You just pushed it aside for a couple of years. "It" will still be waiting for you!!!

  3. It really is sad when we have to sell an RV that held such great memories. I still miss all the ones we have had over the years...but you are also right that there are more memories ahead. When our last Class A was sold, I cried as it left the driveway. Little did I know at that time, within the next two years (while owning a little Class B) that my husband would announce we should sell the house and become full-time RV'ers. You never know what life holds ahead. Life is good, and memories are great. Hang in there! Letitgo, but keep the memories.

  4. Sending you some "Cyber" courage. Be strong through this difficult transition. We look forward to peeking in on your blog each morning. =0)


  5. Sound advise. We all need to take it, but very few do. Everything will work out in the end, and even be better for you.

  6. Don't let the memories go for they will be gone soon enough one day.

  7. Those memories are what keeps us all going...Every day of our lives, we are "making memories"....

  8. Yep, I agree with Donna! Everyday brings with it many memories....all are special and good.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)


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