Thursday, September 30, 2010

RV Dreaming shopping checklist!

We received ‘ The Highways’ magazine in the mail  this we were flipping the pages there was an article with regards to ‘buyer aware’ included a list from a man and woman’s point of view with regards to buying an RV…

The article made us think about all the things we are looking for…

1. good price

2. good size( we need to buy the right one in the beginning..there will be no room for error)

3. low mileage

4 . good condition

5. outside storage capacity

6. towing capacity

7. electric awnings?

8. satellite dish?

9. diesel or gas pusher?

10. winnebago… rambler?

11. fireplace?

some of the other things we thought of were…

opposing slides?, two, three or four?

slides in..can you get to the bathroom?..make a meal in the kitchen?

is there a spot to put your feet up?..what about your cocktail? there a spot to put your drink down?

storage space in the kitchen?..counter space?…regular oven or convection?

double fridge? maker?…large sink?..

booth or free standing dinette?

floor space for the ‘Tuckmeister’..what about the kitty? litter  box?..where is it going to go?

king size bed or queen size?

washer dryer combo??

clothes storage?

bathroom all together or separate toilet  room?

so many decisions to make..good thing we have lots of time..because this is going to be a LONG process!




  1. Regarding #2....It took us a total of 4 costly errors before arriving at the right RV for us. Two Class C's, a travel trailer & a 5th wheel just didn't cut if for the Bayfield Bunch. We're satisfied with the 33' gasser Motor Home we have now but of course bigger with more options is always on our dream list too:))

  2. It is a long process and there are many important decisions to make and consider. We planned and researched the RV lifestyle several years before we ever found our dream home and hit the road. It'll come. Have fun with the planning process. It can be testing and very emotional but in the end you will find peace. =0)

    You have a wonderful group of RVers out here willing to give you advice if you need it.


  3. Research, research, research. We did lots and lots before deciding and are very satisfied with what we ended up with. You will find yours too, it all just takes time. Stay safe

  4. You have a really good list to work with, you will find the perfect one and be on your way when it's time.

    Good Luck!!

  5. We started with a Cougar, but one slide wasn't cutting it, so 3 years later we went to the Hiker...and LOVE IT.. We have 3 slides in 31 feet...and the fireplace...I highly recomment is another heater...we rarely use our propane heat.

  6. Keep looking and researching and you'll find the right one for you guys. We noticed over the two years it took us to get our RV that our list of 'must haves' changed a little bit and some things we thought we would not like we ended being OK with... Good Luck!

  7. Yep, researching is half the fun of it! We used to love going to RV shows. Those suckers were decked out like million dollar mansions!!! I think we pretty much got an idea what floor plan we wanted, and picked one in our price range. But man, some of those other rigs had me salivating!


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