Saturday, September 18, 2010

….said the spider to the fly??!!



this spider web is on a light pole  about 20 feet from our third floor dark and rainy night……the camera came out…IMG_3576

yes, the camera has returned home..and my how  I missed it….my blog posts have had to be creative…using google images..the quality is not the same but the pictures were sufficient to tell the story…

my list of favourite blogs that I read has grown to a great magnitude…they are like a spider web…the web keeps getting bigger and bigger…says the spider to the fly….

It is hard to comment on all the blogs..I enjoy reading all of them..for different reasons…..

I like to live vicariously through the ones who are travelling fulltime and those who are part time....I learn from some…and can relate to others who are at the same stage as us..working for a living and just waiting for the dream to come to fruition.

As the summer of 2010 is coming to an end..autumn will be here next week…the winter snowbirds will be on the road soon…lucky you…have fun as you head south to warmer climates….

Autumn is my favourite season…the changing colours, the crunch of the leaves…and the smells of pumpkin, cinnamon and turkey…the cool fall days with blue sky…picture perfect!!!


Today..not so perfect …rainy in the morning…the sun did come out later in the afternoon….and not very blogworthy…a pretty dull day around here…maybe next weekend will be more exciting.

so as this ‘fly’ is caught in the blog web…I will continue to read along as you go on your adventures…have travels to all of you…..


  1. Yep, Autumn is my favorite month as well. Our forests have not yet been visited by Mother Nature with her brightly colored palette of bright reds, yellows & golds but I'm sure she will be dropping by soon enough.

  2. Cool picture of the web, and nice analogy! :)

  3. I love the web picture and the picture of the changing leaves. Stay safe..

  4. I think a spider web is one of the most magnificent things in nature...and built by a very cunning insect..It is amazing to me how they make a strand soooo thin that is soooo strong..and then create a trap from it that looks like a work of art...fantastic, those little spiders..I hope you stay in our blog web...don't try to get free, just enjoy the view...

  5. I enjoyed reading your blog tonight, nice job. Good shot of that spider web too!

  6. Great web pic! We, too, will continue to read this blog and enjoy the peek into your life as well. You don't need to be an RVer to have a great and interesting life! :)


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