Wednesday, September 8, 2010


It was sunny today when we got home..a beautiful afternoon..a run in the park for Tucker….barbequed sausages for dinner…a nap on the day of work and I am tired already…and then it started..the thunder, lightning..rain and hail???

IMG_3455 IMG_3452within a few minutes there was rivers of water flowing towards the storm drains..

IMG_3454IMG_3458IMG_3457it was so loud it disturbed my nap??..mother nature was saying ‘wake up you lazy only worked one day so far!!’….what are you doing ‘napping?’


and then ….by some strange weather miracle..the sky turned pink and the rain stopped?..okay I am awake now…!!!..’you did your job’



  1. Trust the weather to liven things up--and just when you were resting so comfortably. :)

  2. Hey, you got it a lot worse than us over here on the Island. We got a bit of rain in the late afternoon, but no thunder, lightning or hail. From your pics, that looked like a real downpour!!

  3. Constant weather changes are one of the things I enjoy about the northern latitudes, Makes for interesting days & makes weather wizards out of us crazy Canadians. No wonder we Canucks have a reputation for talking weather all the time. Weather changes help fight off boredom as well. Can't imagine living in a climate where weather is hardly ever an issue. Same boring thing every day!!

  4. I'm with Al on this one...I gotta have some change in the weather or I get bored....Does that make us "antsy pantsy"???? I don't even mind a cloudy day...but wind???I HATE THE WIND!!!

  5. Thanks for that wonderful weather report! It even rained here in Big Sur, California yesterday. Back to cool and sunny today though. I think Fall has arrived.


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