Friday, September 3, 2010

A YEAR IN THE LIFE OF THE ‘DEVIL CHILD’ read that correctly..DEVIL CHILD..born on October 31st, 2008…our precious bundle of golden fur..oh look at him..he is ‘tuckered out’..hence the name Tucker!!

december 6th, 2008..our lives changed forever…PC066090I look back at this photo..and I see Tucker now..he looks just like his mom…which one is he??..second from the left…our little chubby boy…trying to get one last drink…PC136111  tucker 6tucker 2 december 13th, 2008..still not time to come home yet..gotta get bigger and older and wiser ???tucker 7

heading home December 26, 2008…let the fun begin….IMG_3317IMG_3316what is that???..and why did you bring him home???..poor oliver??!!

IMG_3314oh..yeah..he is sleeping finally..



IMG_3311P1016356 what were we thinking..we live in a third floor condo..up and down the stairs at least 18-20 times a day to take this little bundle outside to do his business..he refused to pee or poop on newspaper..or puppy pads…and it was ‘white outside’..all he knew was to go on the ‘snow’ got to the point that once the snow started to melt..he wouldn’t go on the grass ..he would find one little patch of snow…and there he would go…

january 2009P1236455february 2009..rocky point park..

P2076575march 2009 P2266634april 2009..keremeos..visiting my cousins for the first time..they need to learn to play nice??Tucker #1

may 2009P5076903june 2009..where we going??..P6187038july 2009..oregon coast5333_130802257316_570942316_3540722_7729931_naugust 20092009202193008500

september 2009..mundy park with my gal..emmieP9137986 

october 2009PA268402it has been a long hard year..but I am One year old  now..time to BEHAVE!! HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!..still ‘tuckered out’…play hard..sleep’s a dog’s life!!..and I hit the jackpot!!!

(in actual fact I am almost two..but mom is a bit behind…I am the golden boy who everyone is great to be ME!!)

(thanks for the blog idea SAM…the blogger block is over for now)


  1. An adorable blog. Loved it. it is a dog's world after all...

  2. And what a blog it is, I hope someday we get to meet and Tucker can meet Rigg's, Rigg's is very social with other dog's even other males, I had one police dog male, that just didn't like other males, took a little bit to break him of that at the doggie academy. Isn't it amazing how they come into our homes as little fur balls about 3 or 4 pounds and in a year they are seven year old boys in an adult body, I still think when God designed Lab's and Goldens he took a regular dog that liked water and added a turbocharger. Rigg's has a little devil in him too, he is a stealer extrordanaire.Be safe up there in the north country. Sam & Donna.

  3. Tucker....always cute and always handsome!!
    Nice post!! :-)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  4. OMG! Potti training a pup from the third floor? You sure got your exercise! :)

  5. Never met a human being yet that I liked better than a dog. (except my wife of course:))

  6. A very handsome dog indeed! We wish you many years with a happy, healthy pooch.

    Paul and Helen

  7. That cute little puppy sure turned out to be a great looking young dog. Tucker seems to lead a very nice, comfortable life what with "his bed" and all.

  8. Tucker sure has been a beautiful dog from Day #1. Thanks for showing us his "baby book" pics.

  9. Tucker IS a handsome "devil"...I'm sure he has all the women dogs drueling big dog lips over him....
    ...and yes, is now time for my flannel "uniform" during cocktail hour by the fire....I'll be sure and post some pics..

  10. Tucker is such a cutie pie! Obviously a very spoiled-rotten dog.


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