Saturday, September 4, 2010


it has been a  labour of love….

november 2009..still tuckered…our growing boy…

PB098424december 2009..rocky point park..port moody..merry christmas!!..all decked out for the holidays!!


january 2010 ..swimming at Ambleside Beach..hey it’s winter..aren’t you cold???P1038572february 2010..all muddy…surrey dog park

P3138707march it dinner time yet..I’m hungry?IMG_0018april 2010..lafarge “houndsome!!!”IMG_0053     

may 2010..cleveland dam, north vancouver, b.c.IMG_0488june 2010..porteau cove, squamish, b.c.IMG_0557july 2010..just me and my gal..Emmie..happy canada day!!IMG_1010   august 2010..all wet ….Emmie   again.. Coquitlam River Park princess girlfriend..doesn’t like to get her hair wet?..geez I thought she was a golden retriever..maybe I am mistaken??..she is such a girly girl..not from good farm stock like me!!!..she is from a fancy breeder!!

P8018809two more months and he’ll be two years old..our boy is almost all grown up……a swimming,ball focused,people loving,golden..did he pick us on that cold December day in 2008 or  did we pick him..we are proud to say he is our golden boy…THE TUCKMEISTER..thanks for being you!!!..we can’t imagine our life without him!

come on let’s get this party started..two months to go..where are we going today????..I need an adventure..been stuck in the house all week..except for my daily trips to the park..lets go..I need to feel the wind in my fur..smell some new smells..swim in a lake, maybe?..if I am a good boy!?

Fire up the jeep…four wheeling here we go…


  1. Another great blog day, Tucker sure is a ham, and I love the way he loves the water. Wish they would move B.C. closer to MO. But when we do sell the house and hit the road, we have the great Canadian north on our summer travel agenda, maybe by then all the border crossing hysteria will be over, I like the good old days when all you needed to visit was a drivers license. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna. Hey there another blog idea tell us about your border crossing experiences if any.

  2. That Mr. Tucker is one gorgeous doggie! Did you ever consider puppies??...or is he "cohunaless"???

  3. You sure have a handsome lad there. I bet he is a blast at bath time.

  4. What a fantastic post!! Of course we love Goldens too. Our man is getting up in the years and producing that wonderful white dignified.
    Tucker is such a special fellow...I bet he'll have a blast full-timing with you guys. :-)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)


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