Sunday, October 17, 2010

Couldn’t Heaven have waited?


Last evening we were surrounded by a ‘virtual hug’..all the comments and new posts from the blogging community made  a difficult day  a bit easier….

Our phone rang and on the other end was our friends..Paul and Mary..they were sitting in Tennessee trying to enjoy their ‘date night’..and they felt the need to reach out…yet another virtual hug…thanks for thinking of us…

We went to bed last night with the thoughts of this tragic day on our minds and this  morning the reality hits again…

reading more blog posts and the many comments made us once again feel surrounded by all of those who ‘knew’ Bruce and Margie…the tears came easily once again….we can only imagine the great pain that their family is feeling as the sun rises on another day..

some never had the pleasure of meeting this fine couple but we were blessed with spending a few hours with them…and for that we are most thankful…as each day passes we know that Bruce and Margie would want us to get out there and experience life…admire the view and take some pictures..everyday we are alive is a blog worthy day!..pano

so in memory of Bruce and Margie we ventured out..with a box of kleenex in hand and tried to have a blog worthy day…









there were some tears again today.. couldn’t  heaven have waited?..there is a huge hole in blogville…Rest in Peace, Bruce and Margie..we will try to make you proud…Keep an eye on the Prize.



  1. You are so right about waking up to fresh pain this morning. I forget for a little while, and then the loss comes back to me. No more of Margie's encouraging comments and uplifting blog to look forward to. But reading other's blogs and comments makes me aware that I am not alone in my grief. Thanks for writing this today and for posting your pictures!

  2. I think Margie is smiling at your "blog worthy day." She would be proud. Yes, we all must go on but on nights like this you do ask yourself that question...."couldn't heaven have waited?"

    Mike and I are thankful for all of our blog friends and we love you all.

  3. Very nicely said.

    We felt the same way. It was just too sad to stay home, so we went out and had a "blog worthy day." I just haven't felt like posting it yet though...maybe tomorrow.

  4. Well said and a very nice blog. It's been a difficult day for all of friends of Margie and Bruce.

  5. I had to get out of the rig today, but my thoughts were about Margie and Bruce the whole time. I hope they traveled with me to Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park. We all must go on....

  6. What a great post. Margie would have been proud. I think what she would have wanted more than anything is the knowledge that she touched so many people's lives and that she did what she loved to do with the people she loved. No regrets there.

    I went to her blog first thing this morning with a cup of coffee, I don't know why. Just habit I suppose.

    God bless.

  7. I'm afraid I didn't follow Marge & Bruce's blog, nor did I meet them, but when I read your post I followed your link her blog. Wow, what can a person say...such a tragic senseless loss...I'll be going back to read more of their blog. Thanks for sharing, I'll remember you all and their family in my prayers....

  8. May the tears heal you and everyone that is missing Margie and Bruce today. A Camp Host Housewife

  9. You wrote a beautiful tribute to Bruce & Margie, they will be missed.

  10. Your post is well written and oh so beautiful! You got the ol' tears flowing from my eyes again. Thank you for taking the time to post this. {{hugs}}

  11. Sue, that was a very nice post and tribute to Margie. Yes, she absolutely touched the RV community with her blog and her comments. You are so right, she would want us to go and enjoy each day and realize it is blog-worthy. I think you have helped a lot of us to try and turn the corner on this senseless loss. Heaven doesn't wait...and sometimes I think it takes the good ones early.

  12. You're so right...Margie would have said "Keep on Blogging!"....and I will too...thanks for the help in my decision to go ahead with my blog.


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