Monday, October 11, 2010

Double 7’s


A wet and rainy holiday Monday….we thought there was hope for some sunshine but we had liquid sunshine instead!…

Our plans for today?..It was race day once again..this is the last race of the year at Hastings Race Track..two of our favourites are running…


a few months back there was a horrific accident during a race…a horse ran into the winner’s circle injuring a few of the them was David Dahl..he was the hero of that day…he had spent  some time in the hospital following this accident..he received commendation for his bravery on that day…


now time for the race….race number four…Classic Alley Kat…number 7..the only female in a race filled with 6 and 7 year old males…




the first pass…she is in third…


and she ends up in fourth…..better luck next time..’bobby’…we lost our $20 bet!!


this was also what is called a ‘claiming race’..the horses are for sale for a set price..and if you are interested you take ‘claim…’bobby’ was claimed by Glen Todd and Patrick Kinsella…her former owners…for $25, 000

onto race number 7 and horse number 7…Victory with Class…Jazz…


this race was called the ‘Sadie Diamond Futurity’..a $100,000 guaranteed Stakes race….

there she goes out onto the track…good luck Jazz…Richard Hamel is the jockey…


Six and half furlongs later we are in the winner’s circle…a $42 win for us…and a $60,000 prize for the owner…


This  is Doug  Clyde, owner of  ‘victory with class’  and my  favourite Sister-in-law..Karen..!!…a successful day at the track…we are wet and cold but happy with the results…maybe the number 7 will be a lucky one??


  1. You went in the wrong direction. We had a beautiful day out here in the valley. It only just started raining here.

  2. Number 7 is a beautiful horse. Lucky number indeed!

  3. We had a pretty nice day over here on the Island on Monday, too! Rained cats, dogs and horses on Sunday though. Glad to see you at least won a few bucks for standing in the rain.

  4. I could get addicted to horse racing..We spent some time in Saratoga Springs NY at the harness races...and also Hot Springs, Arkansas for the thoroughbreads...I had never been to a horse race. Den told me to take my money to the window and place it to "win, place or show"..So I did exactly that..I said," I want to place $2.00 to win, place or show"...and the guy looked at me and said, "Which ONE , lady?? Ya gotta pick one!!!"..What a novice I was!!

  5. Looks like a fun day for you. Even with the rain it looks like you all did good. Stay safe.


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