Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gotta get away…


“gotta get away..I don’t want to be like this…want to feel like this…take what we can and run away..gotta get away..gotta get away…”

This Kevin Costner song pretty much sums up our has been a crappy one..and we need to make an effort to get things back to normal as they can be?…

Where are we headed?…146 kilometers south from our the town of Anacortes, Washington…

We crossed the border this morning with ease…

1. where are you from?

2. How many in the vehicle?

3. Where are you going?

4. Anything to declare?

5. When are you coming back?

…answered correctly to all the questions..and we were free….


Anacortes is on Fidalgo Island…the gateway to the San Juan Islands ferries…half way between Seattle and Vancouver, British Columbia..





our home for the next three days is The Ship Harbour Inn…about a 5 miles from downtown Anacortes on 12th Street..just down the way is the San Juan Ferry Terminal…we have a view of the water..through the trees…






Tucker travelled well and seems to have settled in just fine!..he is so adaptable..thank goodness…

We drove to Washington State Park..about a half mile from our hotel..just to have a look around..the fog had settled in so the views were not accessible today..who took the sun??



IMG_3821 IMG_3823

like I said..Who took the sun??…we may return to this park before we head home in the hopes that we can capture the views…


our next stop and the main purpose of our visit besides trying to ‘regroup’..was to visit our dear friends,  Gordon and Juanita…they are staying at Pioneer Rv Park…about eight miles from us…


We headed over to the campground, which we found with ease thanks to our ‘Lola’..some may have other names for their GPS……sometimes we tell her to be quiet…but not today….she did not steer us wrong…

After the hugs and hellos we got comfy inside their rolling home and the conversations began…we had  forgotten how much we enjoyed their company…we just picked up right where we left off….

The plan for the afternoon was to head out for lunch…Gord suggested the ‘Gere-a-Deli…it was delicious!!!IMG_3832


we parted ways after our lunch..and headed towards the US Post Office..I had a card I needed to mail …we met the most charming postal about being up sold..bought some ‘forever stamps’…we don’t have those in Canada..the price goes up and you have to add a stamp to make up the I have my Christmas Card stamps for my American friends!





we headed back towards the hotel for some unpacking…and


….Oh deer!!!!




We were told by the office that they were the resident deer..??..they seemed to make themselves right at home in front of our cottage..we watched them for a while …enjoying their snack…

After our wildlife sighting was done we headed back to Gord and Juanita’s for a dinner of his ‘infamous chili con carne…coleslaw, and apple crisp…it was a great meal with great friends…the laughs and banter continued until well after the sun was gone….

We said our ‘good nights’ and ‘see you tomorrows’…more adventures tomorrow…stay tuned…thanks for a lovely evening and a great day!!!..we are looking forward to our boat ride in the morning!…sail away…


  1. Tucker looks like he is just waiting for someone to walk up and grab him by the neck and give him a big hug and squeeze, Rigg's will automatically try to give you a sloppy lick and kiss when you do that, you don't realize how much you miss that until you are apart, Boy I can't wait now for Christmas to get here and I will see him again. Give the Tuckmeister a hug for me.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Yeah, those forever stamps are nice. We have several books of them and when we hear the price is going up, we go and buy some more. :) I just wish they came with different pictures so I could pick another scene on it.

  3. Beautiful pictures and excellent writing --- I so enjoy reading your blog every morning while having my first cup of coffee. So thanks for sharing your journeys so eloquently.

  4. I don't know how we missed Anacortes when we were living in Washington ... thanks for the virtual visit.

  5. Tucker looks as if he is smiling! Have a great time guys and welcome to the USA again.

  6. How great is that! A fun weekend away - Tucker has a big smile on his face so it's easy to tell he's thrilled with the trip too.

  7. What a nice drive! Thanks so much for capturing it for us. Have a wonderful adventure with Da Godfadda and Da Missus. Isn't it amazing how you can just pick up where you left off? Wish we were there. But, our moose needs to go to Forest City! Have fun!!

  8. glad you all were able to get away. You certainly needed that at this time and what a beautiful place to regroup. So glad you were able to be with your good friends Gordon and Juanita...nothing better than time spent with friends.
    You all enjoy yourselves and we'll enjoy reading about your adventure. :-)

  9. Hey guys...we enjoyed the day with y'all also...see ya in a few minutes for our day's adventure to San Juan Island. Yahooooo!

    Da Godfadda and Da Missus

  10. Finally...a getaway!! I thought the fog pics were mysteriously beautiful. It sounds like your trip will be great fun..nothing like reconnecting with old friends!
    We call our GPS Carleton...remember the TV show Rhoda?..and her doorman?, Carleton, who's face we never saw!! Now I'm dating myself....

  11. Not sure what you meant by 'forever' stamps not being available in Canada? I've been using what Canada calls 'permanent' stamps for quite a while now - they're good forever. Were you referring to US 'forever' stamps not being available in Canada?

    Anyway, it sure looks like a nice place you're staying at in Anacortes - great pictures!

  12. Is that a picture of an Eagle's nest in that tree? Loved all the pictures today. Have fun with your friends. Stay safe.

  13. You lucky ducks!! I love Anacortes! It is one of my favorite places we have visited!!!

    Send more pics!!!

  14. I'm looking forward to reading about your ferrry trip to the San Juan Islands. There's so much to see around the Anacortes area. When we were there the last time, we stayed at the casino RV park. We are going to stay at the Pioneer RV park next summer with some friends.

    After an emotional week, it's great that you could meet up with more RVing friends, Gordon and Juanita. I began reading their blog posts yesterday--they sound like a neat couple. I am intrigued by the fact that they spend the winter at Port Orford, another charming area.

  15. Your photos are stunning! What a beautiful area, hopefully we will get there someday. Glad you were able to get away and enjoy yourselves.

  16. Enjoy our days away visiting old friends. We have never been to Anacortis, looks like a place we will have to visit sometime.

    Enjoy your time away!

  17. We make our base in Blaine. We will be home on Wednesday the 27th. Then we are getting together with John & Judy on Thursday in Bellingham. They are in Anacortes right now. Not sure where they are staying.

    From your pictures I think we need to make a day trip to Anacortes and check some things out. Funny how we will travel miles to check out small towns and not even look in our own backyard.

    Have a great weekend.


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