Sunday, October 24, 2010

Heading home….


We left the comfort of our ‘cottage’ this morning and we headed north towards the USA/CANADA border…

The drive was uneventful..and Doug and I were both absorbed in our own thoughts..wishing and dreaming we were heading south instead of being pulled back into the working world…our life of reality..we know…

We noticed a few rigs heading doubt heading towards the warmer parts of the southwest for the winter…the freedom to go where they wanted and stay as long as they like..or until their 182 days are up…

We also wondered about the sense of freedom to have all your belongings  with you as you head down the road..what does that feel like??…please tell us!!

Sure there are advantages to have a stix and brix house..but there are advantages to living the other way too…and we are darn sure that the other way is going to be our way!!


the port mann bridge…we are almost home….


the fraser river…as seen from the bridge..


we have arrived…our parking space in the underground of our condo building..

it was great to be away for the weekend..but now the laundry awaits …as does the grocery shopping..and lunches for tomorrow…..

but as I was putting all the items away I did notice that we have a ‘lot of stuff’ in all the closets…we really need to purge again!! is like it all multiplies all by does that happen???..I really need to get busy!!!


  1. Fulltiming is definitely the ultimate sense of freedom. If you don't like something about where you are, you can move. My RV is my house in every sense of the word - I just have a new outside every day!

  2. Your day will come, I know it is hard to be patient, I am NOT a patient person! Thanks for all your kind comments about Michael's surgery today. Janna

  3. Having all your stuff with you every where you go is the best. Far, far better than when we would vacation with a limited amount we could take along. Hang in there, you are almost there. Thanks for sharing

  4. I can only imagine how much you are looking forward to getting on the road for good! Keep moving forward and it'll be happening before you know it.

    Nice job on the sidebar tribute to Margie and Bruce!!

  5. I can't report on the fulltiming thing yet, hopefully soon!
    I can't wait till we are in an RV, middle of the desert, enjoying a coffee and watching the sun rise.

    To me, that's the ultimate high.

  6. It's WAAAAAY good. And, it will be for you, too!

  7. We've been fulltiming for 3 years now. Even in a much smaller space, I can't always find what I'm looking for! Guess that just comes with the aging process! ;-).


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