Monday, October 18, 2010

I am proud to be a ‘blogger’..


Yes, you read that correctly..I am proud to say that I am a ‘blogger’….those who don’t blog they  do not understand the connection that you feel with other bloggers…there is a community of bloggers that I am proud to be a part of..


To try and explain the connection you feel with your ‘online blogging friends’ with those on the outside world sounds strange but to those of us on the inside we understand the sense of ‘family’…

some people say…’they are just strangers…you will never meet them why bother?? can they be ‘friends?’…you only spent a few hours with them…?


others say…who’s to say they are who they say they are?..they could be some ‘naked guy sitting on folding chair in a trailer park in Louisiana creating some ‘blog imaginary  life’? ( sorry to any of you who blog naked?..don’t want to know that..too much information!)


Well..there is a commradiery  among those who blog..we found that out this past weekend…the blogs are a little window into the lives of those who are behind the keyboard..yes, sometimes we are selective with what we write about and then there are times we ‘wear our hearts on our sleeves’…and the tears too….

oregon beach

We have had the pleasure of meeting some of our ‘blogging friends’ over the past two  years and each and every time we are welcomed with open is like we already know them…the conversations flow…..there is no awkward silence…it is like ‘coming home again’….till we meet again…or meet for the first time…’friends forever’..


Our blogs are windows into our ‘souls’ here is a ‘virtual hug to all of you in blog ville’…live your life and blog about it…that’s the way it should be (that’s what Margie  would have wanted)……

and if you are reading this and don’t have a blog….join us..we will welcome you with open arms…come on in….the water’s fine!!


  1. Your post tonight has made me proud to be a member of our blogging community as well. Thank you!!

  2. So true! The funny thing is that you know you are a true blogger when you think about your blog friends throughout the day as you live your "real life". I wouldn't have it any other way. Luv ya Sue and your "big dawg" hubby Doug too :)

  3. A great post - your thoughts are well stated!

  4. You expressed it so well, Sue. Isn't it funny that those who don't blog can be so judgmental that we are all just a bunch of crazy people? Don't they know that we're only crazy part of the time? ;) I'm still sad but it feels good to smile!

  5. I agree with you on all of what you said and yes there are a lot of skeptics out there, even in our real families that don't agree with baring your souls to your blog friends, I will say this,I have never lived my life in fear or paranoia.That said if blogging is an addiction I guess I will be proud to stand up in front of the group and say " Hi I'm Sam & I'm a blogger".The thought of someone leading an imaginary phony life is possible, but most of us document our real world with pictures of our families, Grandkids, Pets, places we go, our rigs. so it would take a lot of imagination to come up with a phony life.not impossible, but not practical.Keep up the great blog, and give Tucker a pet and a hug from Rigg's and us.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  6. I totally agree, great post!


    P.S. You weather widget says its 8 degrees this morning is that true? Yikes.

  7. I think you are right and this tragedy has made me realize how important my blogger friends are to me.

    In looking at your states visited map, it made me smile...kind of sparse, isn't it? It is just like ours, except our states are in the far right corner of the country...Georgia and Florida! May we both get more states soon!

    Love your kitty. He is beautiful

  8. So very true, every word, thank you.

  9. Thank you! Sending a virtual {{hug}} back to you!


  10. Sooooo true...Our blogging family is like an extension of our own, yet different. The fact that we can grow so close, sometimes having never met nor spoken, never ceases to amaze me.
    The human spirit is a wonderful thing...

  11. So well stated Sue!! We are a family and I am proud to be a part of such a wonderful group of folks. I think you guys care about Mike and I more than some former friends ever did. God bless every one of you!!

    Sending you a big cyber hug!!

  12. Good post, but now I have to think about all those reading and writing out there naked. :)

  13. Hey, & even some of us occasional cranky folks find a place to sometimes fit in too:))

  14. You are so very right, my friend. As always!!! And, I'm paying much closer attention to my blogging wardrobe. Keep smiling!

  15. There have been times over the previous year (after having left a job, friends, a house and a neighborhood full of people to travel on the road in our RV) that blogging and reading blogs has grounded me to the earth. Hugs to all of you and thanks for the post Sue and Doug!! The quality of my life is enhanced by everyone whose path I cross here. I am proud to be a blogger too gosh darn it!

  16. The blogging community is especially important for us folks out here traveling on our own. It's like having traveling companions. :)


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