Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A look into the past….


How did we get to this point?…the need  to hit the road has become more of a desire these past few days…but the big question is how did we get here?

Well..through the wonders of searching the internet Doug found this website that was full of trip journals…a future rv’ers dream to absorb all the knowledge of those already out on the road enjoying the experience of a home on wheels…


after perusing the pages for  a while..he found a trip journal that peaked his interest…especially this entry with regards to our friendly Canadian Border Guards…


and so the ‘following began’…we were hooked..reading every time there was an entry and enjoying the ride to Alaska with our new ‘internet friends’…

fast forward to September 2008…as our ‘friends’ were heading south again.after their Alaskan adventure...we finally got to meet in Bellingham, Washington…


our first full-time travelling friends…for us to get out and meet someone we had never met..we were out of our ‘comfort zone’..but within a few minutes?…we settled in with our banter of questions and answers…

fast forward to july 2009  ..and now we are ‘stalkers’..showing up at their summer campground on the Oregon Coast…we spent two weeks with our ‘new/old friends..and we are hooked…

The ‘wiseman’ is named…others call him the ‘goddfadda’ but to us he will always be the ‘wiseman’…

We have been loyal followers of  Gordon and Juanita’s travel journal since we left them in Oregon in 2009..once again ‘stalking their posts’…

We met up again in the Fall of 2009 in the town of Sequim, Washington..for a weekend of conversation, geocaching and catching up…..

and now on Thursday we will be together again…in Anacortes, Washington…we are looking forward to seeing our dear  friends again…stay tuned…more to

come from Bigdawg and Freeway. Smile


  1. We look forward to meeting our blog buddies one day down the road.

    We attended the RV Dreams Rally in Kerrville and met many of our internet friends. A few we intend to spend time with when as soon as we get the chance. RV'rs bond on a level that non-RV'rs will never understand. It's such a wonderful thing to experience.

    Enjoy your visit with friends.:)


  2. I will have to check out this couple's blog. Our journey and dreams always have a beginning and it was fun to read about yours today!

  3. Oh, I absolutely love Anacortes!! Have some extra special fun for me!!!

  4. Interesting story about how you became involved in all this 'stuff'! Have fun with your great friends this weekend!

  5. We hope to meet up with some of you on the road too....Our little circle of friends has become a large arena, thanks to this blogging stuff! Have fun!!!

  6. Have a great time with Da Godfadda and Da Missus. Give 'em hugs for us! Safe travels.

  7. We haven't met Gordon and Juanita in person, but he taught me over the internet and phone how to geocache. Have been reading their site for 3 years. They are the best...

  8. Say hi to Gordon and Juanita for me, too. :)

  9. Hey good friends Doug and Sue...thanks for taking time from your busy lives to meet with us in Anacortes. Conversation...laughter...more conversation...and, of course, more laughter was the order of the day and we look forward to more of the same tomorrow!!! :-)

    Our travel friends have added a huge measure of joy and richness to our lives. You two are an important part of that community...


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