Saturday, October 23, 2010

soaring with eagles…


our day began with another lesson in geo-caching from the ‘wiseman’…first cache was called…’stay out of here if you’re not ready’..the clue was the cache was tied to a fishing line along the fence..after walking back and forth a few times…Doug found the first one..a little bit of blue poking out from behind the fence post…


with this one under our belts we loaded back into the jeep and headed towards the next one..’stranded’..this one was pretty easy for the expert geo-cacher in our company..he had the clue figured out in no time…


one more for old times sake..could we make it three for three.??…it was like looking for a needle in haystack..piles and piles of driftwood..and the micro cache remained hidden…



we tried to see if Tucker could sniff it out?..still no luck…this one was being very elusive..we even joked about the house facing the beach..thinking the person who hid this one probably lives there..and we are his form of entertainment this morning!…





two out of three caches today…we now have 30 written in our little book..

We dropped Gord and Juanita off at their rolling home..they needed to do a few chores to get ready for their departure tomorrow…

As we were leaving Pioneer RV park we noticed this truck..we had seen in the Safeway parking lot yesterday and wanted to get a picture of this Swiss  vehicle….no idea what the story is behind it..but it looked interesting..


We headed towards the Mount Erie lookout..the skies were clear and we were hoping for  some great panoramic shots..







the views were spectacular…if only some of the trees were not in the way..



we were heading out when we noticed another vantage point and discovered that there was an actual great spot to see the views…

We met a gentleman who wanted us to drive his vehicle down the mountain so he could fly down???..we said ‘no..we can’t drive a standard…’..what a trusting person to hand over the keys to his car?..but wait a sec..he said he was going to ‘fly down’???….




what would ever possess someone to jump off a perfectly good mountain???…


sometimes you ‘soar with the eagles’…but you may meet some great friends along the way….


We stopped to say our ‘so long..see you down the road to our friends’….we will miss them…but we will see you one day soon!!..thanks for a lovely few days..we are so glad we made the effort….safe travels to you as you head south towards your winter stop in Port Orford..we look forward to riding along…..

..time for some lunch…all those ‘so long’  hugs made us hungry…


as the afternoon was winding down..we headed back towards our little cottage..we arrived and the housekeeper is still busy cleaning our room..10 more minutes she we headed out again..for some more picture taking opportunities


there is a storm a brewin’ all the boats are coming into a  safe harbour..

more deer along the highway….’does this house make my butt look big?’


so as the sun sets on yet another day in Anacortes..we are waiting for the wind and the rain to arrive …we will stay inside….cozy and warm in our ‘happy pants’..

our last full day of this little getaway is over…..heading north tomorrow..back into our own country…and back to ‘work’ Sad smile..all good things must come to an end…


  1. What an adventure you have had! Some of those microcaches are very hard to find...frustrating. Have a safe trip home!

  2. Love that mountain top view from the second vantage point.

    More power to the guy that "flew down" ... you won't catch us doing that any time soon.

  3. I agree with Carol K. Some of them are very hard to find, but they turn out to be some of my most favorite to look for. I like the pictures with the trees in them, the others are very good to. Thanks for sharing..

  4. What a post! So many great pictures today! I wonder if that guy offers is car to many folks to drive down the mountain, or just to trusty looking folks like yourselves? What could he do if he was sailing hundreds of feet in the air and he saw his car speeding off down the highway in the opposite direction? Follow it?

    That driftwood cache looked to be impossible!

    Glad to see you are enjoying your great getaway!

  5. Hey, I could have driven his car..I learned to drive on a 1953 Chevy stick shift on the column....Great pics today...and ...let me just say..I LOVE my happy pants!

  6. Great pictures! Wow have you guys been having a great time or what?!

  7. Lots of great pictures. Haven't tried the geo-caching yet but it looks interesting.

  8. Thanks for spending a couple of days with us. As always, we had a wonderful time with special friends and look forward to seeing you in July.

    Take care...and keep your eyes on the prize!!!

    Gordon and Juanita


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