Monday, November 15, 2010

book ‘em, Dano


Reading is a favourite past time of mine..lost in the stories..picturing in my mind what the places and people look like…imagesCA5GW2RV

I love to buy books…mostly from the covers..and the feel of a new book ..hiding an adventure waiting to be read…


But buying books is not a reality when our plan is to hit the road..what to do with all the books..bring them along?


I remember reading Nellie’s blog and she posted this picture with all the books she was bringing on the road with her..

I knew deep down that this would not be allowed…


so I knew I would need a plan…I could…

..drop them in campgrounds when I am done and pick a new one?? …but my treasured books are my friends..


I couldn’t just leave them in a cold dark laundry room..


So I needed a new plan…

after reading blogs with regards to this issue..I decided I wanted an E-reader…do I go with a Kindle?

or maybe a Sony reader?


or maybe a kobo??


well…Santa came down the chimney early  this year…meet my new will hold (1000 books)..that is according to the salesman at I believe him?..we will have to see…..


so book ‘em dano…I am off to read my KOBO…as small as a paperback…and lightweight too…I am all set in the book department now!!!


  1. Congrats on your new Kobo eReader, I know you'll love it. I have the Sony eReader and it's perfect for RV'ing as there are no books lying around or getting lost!!

  2. I haven't heard of a Kobo. Is that a Canadian product or am I just not in the swing of things? It looks kind of like a Nook.

    Like you, I like to read. I have read all of those books you pictured, except for the last two Steig Larsson books, and that's because I'm still on hold for them at the library.

    Keep us posted about how you like your Kobo. Will you miss holding and smelling the book, etc. For RVers, the e-readers seem to be the best of both worlds when it comes to taking your personal library with you!

  3. I stopped buying books a few years ago and donated most of what I had to the library. Now, I check out books from the library, but eventually I'll have to invest in an e-reader ... still have a few years to decide on which one.

  4. Good morning, I carry some books with me when we are south for the winter and trade the ones I don't want. In Bouse, AZ where we stayed last winter and will stay this year, there is a fabulous library with NEW books and they allow winter visitors to have a library card. But with all that said, I am asking Santa for a Kindle this Christmas, I want to try one and the prices have come down so much!

  5. I think a kindle would be nice. I haven't heard of the Kobo. Keep us posted on how well you like it.

    Travel Safe

  6. I haven't heard of Kobo either, but it looks like a great find...and the perfect fulltiming accessory! I love my Kindle, and it did make parting with my cherished books MUCH easier. Enjoy your new toy!

  7. Congratulations on your new Kobo, its a very good product! We ended up buying a new Nook before we departed this year and we love it. Our only problem is that we both want to use the Nook, so now we may be looking at another eReader for Christmas. My son just bought a new Kindle and he loves this product too. Happy reading!!!

  8. I know how you feel, I love reading "real books", but I am considering an E reader. When the house sold and we were full time, I gave away hundreds of books I had saved.

    Now I leave them in campground reading rooms or swap libraries when I am done with them.

    However, between picking up books in the same campgrounds and buying books that are just to good a deal to pass by, I am still carrying around way to many books.

    So I am planning on getting an E reader soon to lighten the load in the coach and give my better half even more space for her stuff. (she already has most of the space-but oh well)

  9. Congratulations on your new Kobo! I am also glad to hear you've been a good little girl so Santa could come visit you. LOL

    I have not bought an E reader and really need to. I so agree with books are personal and they are my friends. I don't leave them. I have most of them in our storage unit and some on board. I unload whenever we go to the unit. The E reader would be so much easier especially if we get rid of the storage unit.

    Let us know how you like it....please!!

  10. I am very hesitant to unload my books, too. My eyesight isn't the best for reading either..Is the print big enough?? I would have to check them out and see which one was easiest for me to see....It sure would be nice to unload the 2 sacks of books stashed under the bed in the Hiker..!

  11. so far so good dear blog is not the same as touching a real book but it works ...most people that have asked have said the same thing?..don't you miss the real books? for the font? can make it bigger or smaller..depending on your eyesight.

  12. Before John and I hit the road, a Kindle became my companion. But it has internet access. I came to use the Kindle more for internet than for books. I let it distract me from reading. My last four books have been paper books. The low-tech option seems so cozy and comforting now. I check books out from the library or friends pass them on to me. I don't keep more than five or ten in the RV at any given time.

  13. Just bought the Kindle3 for hubby and he loves it. It is 3G so he can also check email, etc. Very handy. I'm curious too - never heard of the KoBo. An eReader sure helps lighten the load of carrying too many "real" books in an RV. I sold a lot of my books to a local used book store, donated some to libraries, sold some at garage sales, gave some away - yep, I had too many books!

  14. We pretty exclusively dry camp or boondock, so I'm racking up a good collection of read books. Thinking of donating them to the next library I come across.

  15. I bought a Kindle for Marti last Christmas and she loves it. She likes series of books and was having problems sometimes finding the next book. With her Kindle, she downloads them when she's ready for the next book.

    She takes it everywhere.


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