Friday, November 5, 2010

a change in plans…


This weekend we were suppose to be at Pender Harbour on the  Sunshine Coast....but the plans fell through…our friends, Harry and Elaine are coming back to the Vancouver area..a new grandchild is on the way…how exciting is that??!!!

We have visited them twice at  their home on the Sunshine Coast.. ..once in  April 2005…


( I  apologize for the quality of the of pictures..sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t…)IMG_4179




and then again in November 2005..this time we brought our ‘old golden girl, “ledger'”…




Harry and Elaine now live there permanently and have done lots of renovations to the we can’t wait till we can visit them again…  always  a great time filled with lots of laughs, wine and food!! year we will be sure to make it happen!!

so as we are feeling a  bit sorry for ourselves…onward to the weekend…

the jeep is in the shop..getting  some recall work done..We borrowed Carlie’s car for the morning and headed into downtown Vancouver…. appointment at St   Paul’s Hospital..15 minutes  and we were done and heading back home…out for breakfast to…


back home …housework and laundry time…can you stand the excitement..geez..we should be sitting drinking wine by now!!!

after all the chores were done…the jeep was picked up..Tucker was at daycare playing with his friends..we ran a few errands..bottle returns, cashing in our winning $10  lotto ticket ..a few groceries and we were off to….


I was in need of a new!..not one to wear to a party!!??

an evening of comfort food rounded out our ‘vacation day’..

“Time is our most important can do a lot in 10 minutes..!..but once they are gone you can never get them back”    …Ingvar Kamprad


  1. Have a fun weekend and make the most of all those 10 minutes!

  2. I'm sorry to hear that your plans fell through. Maybe you can do something fun this weekend? I know that IHOP and IKEA are fun, too, but not quite the same as a visit with friends. We're supposed to have rain again starting tomorrow, but at least Dave's football game has been dry so far tonight.

  3. Any day that includes IHOP can't be all bad! Too bad about the weekend plans, but I'm sure you'll be able to make it up another time!

  4. Hey, can I borrow that lampshade when you get tired of it....It would go with my "campfire" outfits, I am sure!!!!
    The best laid plans...blah blah blah...It still SUCKS!!! My suggestion...kill a bottle of Merlot together...


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