Thursday, November 11, 2010

A day of Remembrance….


A short drive to the town of Langley..200th street and 16th avenue..our destination was the Campbell Valley Regional Park..


‘The township of Langley…..a rich pioneer heritage underlies this wealth of recreational opportunities in a setting of diverse natural beauty…’

‘Inside of the park is the Annand/Rowlatt Farmstead..the original owner of the farm was Alexander Annand.  He arrived in the area, from Nova Scotia in 1886.  He was among the first farmers in the Campbell Valley, clearing the land for hay and cattle and he also planted foxglove for raising bees.IMG_4255

Len Rowlatt owned the farm from was then acquired by Metro Vancouver for parkland.

most of the buildings-typical of the pioneer era-have been restored and were designated as a municipal heritage site in 1988.’IMG_4257pano

with map in hand we were on the hunt for the ever elusive ‘dog off leash’ area..everyone we asked?..don’t know? you have the map?..yes..could we figure out the map?..NO!..the park is filled with lots of trails…but no one could help us…poor Tucker….


we made our own ‘off leash area’..the trails were off he ran..into the forest..through the mud..and the muck…


anyone want some stuffed mushrooms??..these look more like ‘toadstools’ to me?


then there was this ‘nose tree’…


next that Tucker was good and muddy?…(we will leave the muddy dog photos up to your imagination…)

The Lochiel Schoolhouse…


‘The schoolhouse was built in 1924 and it was originally located near 16th Avenue and 227th Street on land that was donated by Alexander Cameron, for whose ancestral home in Scotland the school is named. 

The school was operational until 1975 and then it served as a community hall.  In 1988, the building was acquired by the Langley Historical Society and it was moved to the Campbell Valley Regional Park and restored.

Today, the Langley Centennial Museum  offers programs in the schoolhouse, transporting students back in time to 1924.’

We had our picnic lunch ( egg sandwiches) in the Brae Island Regional Park..parking lot..sitting in the jeep…the rain coming down..and a stinky wet dog in the back!!

After swim in the water to rinse off..and down the trail we went ..past our favourite campsites…they were empty…there was a few diehard campers in some of the lower spots…nice and cozy one was out in the deluge of rain…

our last photo of the day was the in Fort Langley….the poppies say it all…



  1. Love the poppies~

    the other pictures are awesome too!

    I'm sure Tucker was just as indignent as he was fragrant!

  2. Good name-nose tree. I can imagine the muddy and happy tucker.

  3. Thanks for the tour of the park and the history lesson to go with it. All the pictures were terrific except I would have loved to see Tucker after his run through the woods and the mud!

  4. Your mushroom/toadstool pictures struck me. They were excellent, as were your other pictures and the history of the park buildings. Sounds like you just had another adventure, despite the rain!

  5. Even a rainy day can be a fun adventure. Wished we had seen muddy Tucker. Glad he got to have his own kind of fun.

  6. Thanks for the virtual trip to an interesting site.

    We were in Winnipeg on Remembrance Day 2008 and stumbled onto a small ceremony on the grounds of the St Boniface Cemetery ... very moving and one of our most cherished memories of the trip.

  7. Wonderful pictures, you sure had a good time despite your muddy Tucker, surely he had a great time, too.

    Nice picture of the poppies, wish more people today understood what they mean.


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