Sunday, November 21, 2010

Digital picture frames?


Three years ago, for our anniversary Carlie gave us a digital picture frame…


We used it for a while and then I tucked it away  and forgot about it..that was until today..after some searching and thinking it was in a box downstairs in our storage locker..I found it in the end table drawer…

It wasn’t that I didn’t like it..I just didn’t know how to use today..was ‘learning curve day’…

It came with a 1gb  card..


…how much does that hold I asked myself??..who knows….megabytes..gigabytes ..megapixels.. all gibberish to me...there was already about 100 pictures loaded …so I created  a folder on my computer and loaded a bunch of photos…plugged the card in..transferred them and ‘voila’ pictures on the digital frame..Smile

I did this a few times..and there is still room on the card…you CAN teach an ‘old dawg’ a new trick…it is all a learning curve and I am rounding the bend!!

So now I am thinking ahead…at the end of this year I will purchase a 16gb card and load all my pictures from 2010 on the card…clean up the computer and start again for 2011…gone are the days of using  CD’s…the 16gb card should last for at least a couple of years I would hope….Smile

this was the view from the dock at Lafarge Lake in 2008….not to be today…


Now onto the weather…snow?..a few flakes..was about all we got..unlike picture taking opportunities for us…..just the mountains were dusted with snow…we are still green down by the lake..…the temperature is suppose to drop to –8 celcius….should be a bit chilly waiting at the bus stop tomorrow…better dress like ‘nanook of the north’..

Happy Sunday night everyone!!..another quiet weekend is done…..bring on Monday!!


  1. I've looked at those and held off from buying any of them. Now that I have a Mac computer, I can set up a slideshow in iPhoto and even set it to music, if I want. So I'm glad I resisted even though I was really torn.


  2. Our kids gave us one of the digital picture frames, they are very good. I use a flash drive with it and change the pictures when I think of it.

    We do not have a routine set up yet where we use it at every stop, but we should.

    I am currently producing over 24 GB of pictures a year.

  3. Those digital frames are kind of neat, I have 2 of them I've received from the kids for Christmas. Which reminds me, like you, I'd better load them up and make sure they're working when the kids come home for Christmas in a few weeks. Thanks for the reminder.

    Don't get too cold waiting for the bus - dress warm tomorrow!!

  4. We both use a program that rotates photos on our computer desktop. We have a digital frame but have put it in storage for our future cabin. We found we weren't using it enough to bother. LOL!

  5. We use our desktop for a slide show of our photos, too..We had a couple of those digital frames, but none of them worked very well...That was a few years ago when they first came out..I'm sure they are much better now....

  6. We enjoy our digital frame. The new cards can hold a lot of photos - I'll take your idea and put all our 2010 on a card too. Always have a back-up too.


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