Saturday, November 6, 2010

A “fallsey” day…


This morning when I opened up the blogs and saw a post on Bruce and Margie’s heart skipped a beat..they have been now laid to rest and the next step for the family is to sell the ‘beast’ of a motorhome…..DSCF6601_thumb

We can only hope that the lucky purchaser will love the ‘beast’ as Bruce and Margie did..and be proud to be driving it down the road exploring the great USA…those are big ‘tires’ to fill..and lots more sights to see…Bruce and Margie’s spirit will be riding along with them..

Now onto our day….we headed west towards the city of Richmond..and home of the Vancouver International Airport…Mcdonald Dog Beach and Iona Regional Park…a day filled with water, mud, planes and birds.

Richmond is a the border between land and can observe a great mix of wilderness and commercial air and river traffic…

Richmond is called   ‘head of the dragon’..home to a large population of Oriental residents..we live at the ‘tail of the dragon’..also with a large Oriental population..we are the minority in our neighbourhood!..sitting at an intersection on the streets of Richmond we are the odd man out also…

Our first stop today was the Macdonald Dog Park..just a few minutes from the International airport..the park is on the banks of the north Fraser River..and a little piece of “Tucker heaven”..mud and muck..lots of friends..water and more water!!!..perfect in his little world!!!








a soggy, wet it is time for a run on the trail…



this is my good side..I am so ‘houndsome’..just keeping an eye on the water…making sure no one takes it while I run along the trail..




done it is time to see the next beach…only a few miles down the road was our next stop on this adventure..Iona Beach


this one is also located on Sea Island..right next to the Wastewater Treatment smells of sewage here..just a big long cement pipe that heads out along jetty for about 3 kilometers..

Iona Beach is home to over 300 species of birds during  their annual migration. These birds fly thousands of miles in only a few days and use this area as a rest and feeding area…

during the construction of the Wastewater Treatment Plant many of the wildlife marshes were filled in …but due to a restoration project in the 1990’s the wildlife species and plants have returned and the one of the species to return was the Yellow-headed Blackbird..we never saw one but it is nice to know that the restoration project was a success!

IMG_4215on the left side is the Georgia Strait and on the right is the North Arm of the Fraser River..pano-3


across the water is the Vancouver International Airport…

planes were aplenty today!!


as were the herons and the blooms along the path…




now as for the title of today’s post..Yesterday Doug told me I looked ‘Fallsey’ in my autumnal scarf…I never knew there was such a word but in his vocabulary I guess there is..


our day was spent well!!..a new place in our own backyard that we will definitely return to!!


  1. That looks like a Tucker Ducker swimming along with a stick in his mouth. Houndsome boy indeed. Always so nice to come across new places for sure.

  2. Sounds like a fun day..especially for a water dog like Tucker!! Loved your photos...keep 'em coming!!

  3. Sue, I did a real 'double-take' when I read the title of your blog early this morning - "A Fallsey Day"! Then my eyes focused and I saw you had 2 'ls' not just 1 in 'fallsey'. As you will no doubt agree, there is a big difference!!

    Now, on to your pictures! There are so many great ones it's hard to pick the ones I like best. But the one of Tucker swimming with the stick is great and I really like the one of the little tugboat too. Nice job!

  4. I suspect that Tucker is happier than he looks in the soaked beach picture.

  5. Sue and Doug, Gingee wanted me to let Tucker know that she admires his swimming ability. He looks so athletic and full of fun! Gingee said that she hopes to fetch sticks with the same gusto out in the water one day! Have a beautiful day!

  6. The pictures today are fantastic. The one of Tucker sitting on the stump is my favorite, but there are lots of really good ones today. I would love to see a yellow headed black bird.


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