Sunday, November 7, 2010

June 1, 2014


How many years and months?…

3 years  6 months and 23 days?

40 months plus 23 days?

1300 days?

31,200 hours?

How many blog posts is that???

What is June 1, 2014? ..that is our target day…


which break down sounds like the least?..we think the 40 months plus 23 days!!

We have a plan..we can only hope that it will all come into place when the time is right!..we know that the plans are written in pencil at the moment but it does give us some focus.  pencil-sh

Here we are heading back to work for another week…daylight savings time is done…it will be dark when we get home from work…the rains will arrive soon…


But we will stay focused and not let work get us down!..we will put those ‘glasses of water’ down and pick them up when we are good and ready!

So for now we will some imaginary shopping online for a new home on day we will find the perfect home!!

so for all of our travelling friends..stay safe..enjoy the weather where ever you are!…one day down the road we shall meet!..but for now we will go to work..


dreams never die just the dreamer..




  1. You may not be having the adventures that you want to be having, but at least you are still having adventures. You'll get there--keep the faith!

  2. Patience is a virtue sayeth the Lord!

  3. Just 40 months...not much longer!!

    It's that darn work that will kill you!

    Hang in there!

  4. I so hear where you're coming from ... right now it looks like our target is 2014 as well, but we're going to do all we can to move that up :-))

  5. I second what Carol K said...and also a huge "hang in there". Enjoy the moment as best you can and just know time has a tendency to move along at quite a rapid rate....those hours, minutes will tick off quickly.

  6. I remember pretty well those days when I only had '3 years left' before retiring. It was exciting thinking about what lay ahead. Just try and enjoy this time as these years count in the scheme of things too.

  7. I think of you two every time I see a high school freshman wearing "Class of 2014" garb!!! Think of how quickly high school flew by!

    Keep dreaming. Keep planning. Keep purging.

    Meanwhile, enjoy the things you're most likely to miss on the road: favorite local spots, bubble baths, smokin' hot wifi....

    Believe it or not, it'll be here before you know it. And, we're saving a spot out here for you!!!!

    Keep your eyes on the prize!

  8. I always say that we make our own good times...and I figure I can have a good time in a closet if I try hard enough..So....enjoy everyday..Get ya one of them thar 5 year calendars and start marking off the days!!! ..and keep laughing cause time really DOES fly when you're having fun!!!!!

  9. Only 40 months! Yeah! Some of the best fun is the "planning" and "dreaming" time. You have plenty of time to dream your dreams - life is good. Enjoy each day.


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