Sunday, November 14, 2010

map lesson…

Fullscreen capture 14112010 10225 PM

this is where we live…note how close we are to Lafarge Lake..hence the reason we walk there almost every day!

this was our route this past summer…

Fullscreen capture 14112010 11822 PM

from home to Lincoln City, Florence, Oregon..and then from home to Nelson, B.C..and home again..a grand total of over 3100 kilometers…

Summer 2009…Port Orford, Oregon and to Osoyoos,B.CFullscreen capture 14112010 14127 PM

Summer 2008 we took the Cascade Loop.through Washington State...with a side trip to Grand Coulee Dam…Electric City and Steamboat Rock State park…

Fullscreen capture 14112010 12608 PM

see you can teach an ‘old dawg’ a new trick..thanks for the lesson,Rick..


  1. That is a nice way to keep all your routes.

    We have all of ours stored in MS Streets and Maps.

  2. I liked seeing the routes that you took on your journeys. It sounds like fun times in our neck of the woods! We stayed at Steamboat Rock State Park a few years ago and also visited Grand Coulee Dam.

  3. Congrats, Sue, you are a quick learner! Great maps!

  4. Hi Sue and Doug, John and I want to make it back up to Penticton to see John's dad before too much longer. He's in his 80's and very healthy. Maybe in the spring! Who knows, maybe our paths will cross!

  5. You learned the lesson well. One of these days hopefully we'll go some place far enough to put a map on our blog!

  6. Nice mapping there, Tonto!! If we ever need a scout, you are IT!!!


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