Sunday, November 14, 2010

seven years ago today!


November 14th, 2003..we moved into our condo…Happy Anniversary to us!

It was a sea of the colour beige in the beginning…



but not for long!!!


seven years have passed..and I still like the paint colours! I guess they were a good choice for us!..we can only hope that when we put it up for sale the new owners will appreciate my attempt at paint design or maybe we will have to revert back to builder beige??..

(also on this day…29 years ago..our friends, Brenda and Ken were married..

b and k

(Happy Anniversary to them too)


  1. That was a bit change in color! I am sure many folks would prefer the current color scheme over the plain version.

  2. I love the colors~exactly what I would choose and have in some cases, only in different rooms!!

  3. As I wrote to Brenda, I remember all our weddings like it was yesterday! !! Heck, I remember the days with Ken in elementary school! We're not getting old, we're all getting better!! ;-) do well with paint...I change colours about 7 times a year! LOL


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