Monday, November 29, 2010

so many blogs…*


So many blogs so little time..Andy…. came up with an idea to organize your reading list or even when searching for new and interesting blogs..and we all know there is a few of them out there in blog ville..……(my list  is getting longer and longer everyday…)


 If you are still in the waiting and planning stages add an  * after your title on your blog…..


if you are already one of the lucky full-timers that have are out on the road.. this doesn’t apply to you…

not trying to change the blogging world..only participate if you feel so inclined…


Our  * will be an addition to our blog  title for a while…

I have finally learned that the easiest way to read  all the blogs on my list …IMG_0048… sign into my blog account..go to my dashboard..and voila..there they all are.. ‘fresh off the keyboard’..…some days I can’t get through them all…but I try…working seems to get in the way of reading…


now for the comment score on my two posts from November 28th…Oliver (9)…Tucker (10) I am pleased to announce that the winner is “Tucker”..sorry PO..we are going to have to try harder next time…the ‘duffus’ wins this round.



  1. Know what you mean about work getting in the way of reading blogs and other things. Sometimes I get so involved in my blog reading it is after midnight before I go to bed. But they are so much fun to read.

  2. I use the free Google reader service. You can add subscriptions to all the blogs you want and Google will highlight every blog that has a new post. You can read it inside of the reader or click on the header and read the blog in the original format.

    You can organize them into groups... etc.

    I find I can look at a lot more this way. Also
    It also works for any other type of site you look at regularly.

  3. I find RSS feeds work even better than becoming a follower and having it all appear on my dashboard. Google reader turns links to the posts I've read from blue to purple and it becomes easy to see at a glance which post I haven't read yet. I can also organize my blogs by topic, even having a tab that has the feeds for inactive blogs.

  4. I find amassing too many blogs to read can be a real problem. Every once & awhile I have to go through my list & trim it back. Of course I always do that trimming with great feelings of guilt when I drop some blogs I haven't been reading or blogs that we really don't have a lot in common with regarding the RV lifestyle. I do enjoy finding new bloggers with interesting posts & then putting them on our side bar for awhile in the hopes of giving them some added exposure.

  5. Sue, just retire and you'll find lots of time to read blogs!! Besides traveling in your RV, sitting at your computer, with a nice cup of coffee, in the morning and browsing through all the overnight blogs is a nice, interesting and relaxing way to start the day. I guess I spend a couple of hours each morning doing this.

    Since nobody else has asked, I'll be the dummy: What's the deal with putting an * after the title of a blog? I have an idea what you're getting at, but I'd like to hear your explanation of how it could help in finding new blogs?

  6. I use Google Reader to keep track of the blogs that I'm following. Works great for me!

  7. I hear you about work getting in the way. I have the same problem.

  8. Would someone out there please explain RSS feeds? E2? Rick? I, too, am still working, only half time, but it does get in the way of my blog reading! I notice some blogs don't have "followers" and the only way to get the posts is to subscribe, which I did and now I get emails. Hmmm. Mo is wondering what I am doing all the time with all this blog reading...

  9. We would add an asterisk to our blog title , but guess what? It would have to be removed in just three days. We will be officially full timing on Friday. Can you feel our excitement? It's been five years in the planning, but soon we will be living our dream. Good luck with your journey.


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