Monday, November 1, 2010

sometimes I can’t help myself…


Most days when I sign into my blog ‘dashboard’ and read all the new posts and the comments…..I think of Bruce and Margie..

 I know they have been gone for more than two weeks now..but this past weekend was the first time I went through all her posts from when they left Tumwater and headed south to Pismo seems surreal to read them now..

She wrote on October 12th that their plan was to leave the beach on November 1st and there was no reason to be ‘bailing early’…

It was nice to read how happy they were…strolling on the beach…enjoying their time there…

It is funny to read her last post and how she talks about how Bruce did not ask the neighbour about those ‘carpets’…darn men anyway…

There is great memories there for all of us to read…and for their family to cherish as well…

Some of you may read this and think?…’geez …move on already!!’…I have moved on…I can read their blog now and smile…so that is a huge step in the right direction…

we all know one day the ‘blog’ will be gone…so for now…I still click on the bookmark at least once or twice a week…just because…sometimes I just can’t help myself…


It is a dark and rainy start to November in our ‘neck of the woods’..I love November…NOT!!…couldn’t find my umbrella this morning..I had to take a broken one with me…good thing I didn’t poke someone’s eye out with it…

oh to be a duck……

so for all you lucky RVer’s out there in the sunny parts of the country..enjoy!!!.. and for those of you who are leaving the confines of home and heading safe!!!


  1. Remembering friends and our own mortality is a good way to stay focused on what is important.

    We have enjoyed great weather for over a week and really do appreciate it!

  2. I know exactly how you feel thinking about Margie and Bruce because I've done the same thing. Going back and reading some of their posts just makes it all the more surreal to me.

    As for anyone telling you to "move on" - if that happens, my advice to them would be "get lost". I've not no time at all for people like that. Luckily, there are very, very few of those in our RV'ing community.

    Great post by the way!

  3. I know what you mean...there's a big hole there. :(

  4. I think of them often too - so sad... It's so hard to stop thinking "What if..."

  5. The sadness isn't quite as acute now, but it still hits me out of nowhere sometimes...Margie and Bruce are gone. I miss her blog and her comments so much! They made such a big impact on me and so many others. I can't seem to get into blogging the same way I did before.

  6. I think we all think of our past RV blogging friends Bruce & Margie. The shock is gone now but the memories will always be with each & everyone one of us.
    We are into our miserable weather period as well & it's cold, wet, & miserable!!

  7. I also know what you mean. Their blog is still on my blog list, and I still feel that shock when I see the title there when I'm scrolling down the page. I also went back and read some of their previous blog entries - the most poignant for me was the top five one.

  8. I like Rick would have little patience with someone rude enough to say or think that,It takes time for the heart and soul to heal from things and I too think of the kind words I received from Margie M. especially back in Dec when I started this blog and didn't know the hind end from the front.I know in my heart they are saying go forward from this and we are here together and happy.Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.

  9. I still think of them often too. I've also gone back and read through much of her blog.

    I think it's okay to remember them, in fact I hope we don't ever forget them.

    Sorry you're not having good weather.

  10. It's a big hole in the bloging family and as she told me to keep my dream alive and fellow it.

  11. I still click on Bruce and Margie's site too. I think we all lost a lot that day. She was such a sweetheart and so very thoughtful. We will all remember her kindness and helpfullness. They were so great together and if there is anything that comes out of this horrible accindent, it would be that they left this world together.

  12. I too think of Bruce & Margie quite often. I hope no one tells you to move on...we all move forward at our own pace.

    It is beautiful here in Blaine, WA today but have heard the rain is due to come early next week.

  13. What a great post! Mike and I also think of Bruce and Margie often and miss them so much. I also agree with Rick.....friends never forget.
    Our November has started out kinda rainy and gloomy but we haven't had any cold (chilly) weather yet. Our trees are still beautiful and many haven't even turned yet.
    You guys take care and love that header pic of Tucker!!! What a guy!!!


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