Sunday, November 28, 2010

why do I always have to stay home??


gone are the days of heading out in the trailer…not that I liked it much..just a big box on wheels..with lots of places to hide and drive mom and dad crazy….here I am in my ‘pre-duffus life’..aren’t I beautiful!!??? young and innocent!!


now..I stay at home..guarding the house..while the big ‘blonde duffus’ gets to go on all the adventures…the blogs are all about him and his ‘adventures!..geez…


that’s fine..I will get him back when he gets home again..I will rest my ‘wheaties’….lie by the fireplace..mess up the bed with my beautiful white fur…just you wait ‘mister’…I rule the ‘roost’ here…



I will get you when you least expect it..attack your face….your paws..and your tail…I am the ‘boss’ of this’s drool and the I rule!!

that’s why they call me the ‘PO"..prince oliver..!!! I had better go get my beauty sleep…..

the stinky, wet duffus will be home soon!!!..gotta rest up…turn on the fireplace pleasseeee!!!!


  1. I can almost believe he said that-funny. Likely thinking it in his own way. :)

  2. Alternate version: "Aaah, I get to lay around and sleep at home all day. I am the envy of all dogs."


  3. Funny stuff! Prince Oliver is a great looking cat!

    -Mike & Heidi
    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  4. Nice to hear from you Oliver! It sounds to me like you've got a pretty good life there. Just think, you don't have to go and jump in a cold lake just to chase a stupid stick! Right?? Just stay home and keep warm!

  5. I lvoe need to submit those gorgeous pets to my website for the Featured Pet of the Week.

  6. FINALLY...A CAT PERSON!...I love cats...and dogs too. But..there is something mysterious and crafty about cats....and that is why they are so dear to my heart...YOU GO OLIVER!!

  7. We need to introduce PO to Zoe the Wonder Dog. She can use some of his "guidance". ;c)

  8. Very nice post, Oliver. You are a real cutie!


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