Tuesday, December 14, 2010

and so begins the journey to 400…



after so many lovely comments with regards to our 300th post…we now begin our journey to 400…

as so many bloggers have headed south for the winter or are making plans to leave shortly after Christmas..us working ‘stiffs’ will continue to hold down the fort


..and keep the light on  for you all when you return with your suntans and big smiles…


one day, we too, will be the ones with the tans..not the ‘pasty white skin’ of the winter working folks!!


  1. I always feel we are soooooo fortunate to have these years in the Southwest. At some point it will all end & we will be back to pasty faces again but in the meantime we are sucking up every minute of it we can. Hang in there, keep the dream alive & soon it will be your turn to enjoy this great & wonderful lifestyle:))

  2. Thanks for keeping the light on for us! It won't be too long, and you'll have to find a replacement for yourselves... :)

  3. Don't give up, just last year I was feeling the same way, but now I am on the down hill slide. Now 12/23 is my last working day with a retirement date of 12/31 then we will be heading south ourselves and landing in Mission Texas for the winter. I will keep the light at the end of the tunnel turned on for you.

  4. You know what they say-it is a dirty job but someone has to do it. Thanks for holding the fort down.

    Your turn will come. If it helps, we are freezing down here, as well.

  5. It seems like a long wait, but it will all be worth it when the time comes for your first winter down south!

  6. I so admire you for posting comments on my blog and others; I wish I could be as thoughtful. I also appreciate the ingenuity of your blog layout and eye catching design. The only problem I see (and it could easily be on my end) is that the countdown timer numbers are not visible in the display.

  7. Y'all keep that light on so we don't get into the wrong house and end up behind bars!...At McGuyver's and my ages, in another 10 years, we will either be housebound....or giving travellogs at the nursing home for our fellow "inmates"....OR...still roaming around, but in a converted Van with 2 sleeping bags, and only the bare essentials (which would include wine and beer!)....I hope for the latter...

  8. Were in the same boat with you guys so lets stick together and we will make it.

  9. I don' know, I kinda love my warm fire and dry house in the winter. "dry" because we got a new roof this year!


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