Sunday, December 5, 2010

Deck the halls…


Our Sunday morning started with French Toast and bacon..we have been seeing a commercial on TV..with regards to a yummy plate of French the craving was satisfied…


We had some Christmas shopping errands to do…so off we went to the crazy place called the mall and the post office……us and everyone else in Coquitlam…

well..since the Grinch with the  bad attitude  has left the building…

Grinch was time to bring some of the decorations upstairs…we have three bins full of decorations….there will be no tree at our house this year…so I just put out a few items…as I was doing this task I was thinking one day I am going to have choose my will be difficult…








the halls are decked..and now it was time for The Light the Lake Celebration…

The 6th annual Envision Financial Light the Lake will be the biggest Christmas party in the Tri-Cities! The fun-filled family event features a Christmas market with hand-made crafts and holiday gifts, activities for the kids and those young at heart, hot chocolate and other yummy treats, as well as strolling carolers, entertainment and choirs. Admission is free….

and the best thing of all is we can just walk across the street….





I wish my tree was this big and looked this nice…




I was actually surprised that the pictures were not blurry..I now remember that last year we had our small point and shoot digital camera and the results were not good…

onwards  to another work week filled with more shopping…a work Christmas awards dinner and Christmas baking…bring it on ..we can do it!!!


  1. Those are good pictures of the holiday lights. Sounds like you have a busy schedule ahead of you.

  2. Loved the decorations especially the three trees with the Santa. Hope you have a great week.

  3. Your condo look decorations look great! Who needs a personal tree when you have all those great big beautiful trees nearby. Good photos! My point and shoot camera has a difficult time taking night pictures, too.

  4. I really like your condo decorations and the pictures of the Christmas lights and trees looked great too.

    But, the picture I liked best was the one of the French Toast and Bacon - now that was just beautiful!!

  5. Love the decorations! :) Funny thing is, I still don't really feel like I'm in a Christmas mood yet, but I'm getting stuff accomplished sonner than I usually do! LOL

  6. Great decorations....proving that a tree is not a necessity for Xmas to look festive!! Loved the night shots of the lights....put me in the mood for some hot buttered rum...

  7. I haven't made my breakfast yet, so your first picture made me drool! :)

  8. That's the spirit!! Beautiful lake photo's! My favorite was the white Santa! and tubs...I have 12 ~ I know... that's why we could never be full timers! My STUFF! But I love it all. I have my lifetime invested in the collecting of it!

  9. Some really pretty decorations. You will have a hard decission to make. Great pictures of the trees.

  10. Those were great photos of the Christmas lights and decorations. Hope I can get some good ones this year with my new camera. When we downsized I kept two stockings, two Santa hats, and a lighted snowman. Only kept a lighted black cat for Halloween. Prior to that my Christmas and Halloween decorations filled an entire walk-in closet.

  11. I'm still salivating over that french toast. John loves french toast. I am going to have to make some for him (so I can have some too). Yum yum. Nice decorations you've put up!

  12. Hey....was that green guy with the Santa hat really Big Dawg in disguise???? ;)

    Or maybe just someone who ate a butt load of the veggies you love so much. Um, just wondering...where are the greens on your french toast plate? Couldn't even throw down a decorative piece of parsley, could ya? LOL!


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